4 fun ways to make your backyard more inviting

Pondering how to create an inviting backyard that draws you out of your home season after season? Cultivating a space that’s suitable for outdoor living at any time of year is easier than you might think.

Here, we touch upon some DIY projects to start you off, from turning your sparse terrace into a communal hub to setting up a secluded spot for peaceful bathing.

4 fun ways to make your backyard more inviting

1. Jazz up your deck

If your backyard is small or has an unusual shape, a multilevel deck is a clever way to make the most of your space. Delineate areas for different activities so that everyone in your household can make the most of outdoor living. Feeling inspired? Read about more ingenious decking solutions on our blog.

If your garden requires an upgrade, choose comfortable seating and multipurpose furniture such as stools that double up as tables. Opt for benches with removable cushions and fabrics so you can change the colour scheme of your outdoor space in an instant.

2. Grow some privacy in your backyard

A requirement for relaxed outdoor living is seclusion, especially if you have neighbours that live close by – plus a hedge is much less imposing than a wall. Tailor it to your garden’s design, whether you opt for a combination of flowering bushes and leafy trees or a traditional hedge you can sculpt.

Incorporate plants into your outdoor space’s existing structures, such as walls, pergolas or sides of decking, for extra shade on scorching summer days. For a cohesive aesthetic, blend the exterior of your house or terrace seamlessly into your garden with climbing plants.

3. Install a new feature

Natural bathing pools are a prominent trend in outdoor living this year. From compact to full size, these bring the luxury of a swimming pool to your backyard but dispense with the chemical filters.

Another emerging trend is the summer house – a throwback to the opulence of the 19th century. Whether yours is a tranquil reading room or a studio where you can work on your hobbies, erecting such a structure in your garden adds value to a property. If a full summer house seems like a big step, try simple DIY projects such as a shaded corner forged from trellises or pergolas.

4. Bring your kitchen outdoors

Entice your guests into your backyard with an al fresco kitchen. Some individuals enjoy using their summer house or terrace for the full works by creating a gourmet outdoor dining experience, while others prefer a lighter touch with a fire pit or built-in barbecue.

For an upscale finish, keep your preferred tipple at perfect drinking temperature all year around by adding a drinks storage unit under seating or within an exterior wall.

Creating a backyard that’s as cosy and inviting as your home needn’t involve drastic landscaping. It simply requires a vision for how you’ll most enjoy using the space. The best way to begin your DIY projects for comfortable outdoor living is to head into your garden and spend an hour or two imagining how you would spend your dream summertime afternoon.

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