4 simple ways to amplify the ambience of your home by using art décor

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

As the words of Parisian painter Edgar Degas suggest, curating your own collection of art at home allows you to influence the aesthetic – and therefore the ambience – of your property. But how can you achieve the most effective results? Here are four guidelines to follow when choosing, and displaying, your art décor.

Amplify the ambience of your home by using art décor

1. Match your home’s look

Creativity should be encouraged when purchasing art, but ensure the pieces you pick complement rather than clash with your existing interior design. Generally speaking, mixing periods should be avoided when it comes to art décor. A rich and tactile Rembrandt copy might look pleasingly ornate in its gilt frame, but that’s not to say it will suit your home. Most classical art appears out of place in a sleek, minimalist beach villa, for example. In fact, period art suits period homes – period.

2. Inject colour

Art – particularly modern art – offers a simple yet impactful way to inject a touch of colour into your interior design. Introducing bold hues can dramatically alter the atmosphere of a room, so these are best used in your wall décor to either augment a monochrome living space or to accentuate existing themes. If your home is already littered with vibrant shades, opt for art décor in neutral tones to create an eye-catching contrast without overpowering your current aesthetic.

3. Be measured

It’s not just colour and content that determine how well suited a piece is to your property. Judgement of size is also essential to curating art at home. A large painting in a small space can dominate a room, for example.

It’s also best to use a variety of different sizes and styles – ranging from salon frames to minimalist mounts – to create clear distinctions between areas of the home. This can be a particularly effective means of breaking up open-plan living spaces.

4. Go local

What’s so effective about art décor is the personal touch. Your ability to curate a collection speaks volumes about your character. On these grounds, it makes sense to shop local when it comes to your art. Local craftspeople can provide striking, bespoke pieces to suit your home – and your personality.

Creative types can also contribute to their own art décor collection. Photography is the easiest place to start, but feel free to experiment with paint and other media, too.

Alternatively, consider some of these other quick DIY decorating tips to inject personality into your home.

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