4 ways to transform your front yard

Like your entrance hall, your front yard is the first and the last thing your guests see of your home. Therefore, this patch of garden is like the cover of a book: we all try not to judge the story by this sheaf, but how inviting it is can really affect whether we decide to pluck it off the shelf. Whether or not you’re looking to sell your home, the facade of your property should make both you, your guests and any potential buyers feel welcome and ‘at home’ before they even reach the front door.

4 ways to transform your front yard

Clear the way

Between your front gate and the door, your yard needs to be shaped to lead the person’s footsteps right up to your welcome mat. Create a clear path to your stoop from paving slabs for a clean look, or opt for cobbles or gravel to add some visual texture to this initial walkway. If your front yard is a little on the small side, add a gentle curve to the path to create the slight visual illusion of space. Neat flower beds or shrubs create an inviting frame for your path, while if you have more space to play with, trees form towering columns on either side that add a touch of grandeur to your facade. If you’re wanting to sell your property, make sure that whatever landscaping you undertake is easily maintainable: a prospective buyer will want to feel amazed by your design but not put off by how much the manicuring might cost them.

Add colour

Plant your beds for year-round colour with rose bushes, bright bedding plants and colourful trees like cherry or laburnum. Deciduous trees and bushes provide a glowing autumn hue and fruit trees like rowan or holly bushes bring a lasting bright flourish in the winter months. If you’re more of a minimalist, opt for a well-maintained lawn, and perhaps add a few pretty window boxes to create a country cottage feel.

Make a statement

Garden landscape design isn’t just about curb appeal; it’s about expressing your personality. You might want to accentuate certain design features of your home, such as a glass external wall, with some plants or borders that lead the eye and place these features front and centre. If you have a modern property or a home in a warm property, xeriscaping is a simple planning method that both conserves water and uses materials like gravel and concrete to frame cacti and succulent species.

Blend the boundaries

Bring the homely features of your house out into your yard to make these outdoor spaces even more inviting. Your porch can act as an intermediary space with cosy seating that’s also sheltered from the weather. Cover yours with textiles that match your interior’s and lead your garden across the indoor-to-outdoor boundary with hanging and potted plants. If you don’t have a porch space, climbers and green walls make for a soft merging of these two worlds.

If you want to create a beautiful garden landscape design to boost the curb appeal of your house, start with three simple tasks: create a welcoming path, choose a central feature to highlight and follow a design theme to suit your aesthetic. Once you’ve decided on these factors, it’s easy to expand and adapt your design to make your front yard even more creative and idiosyncratic

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