5 compelling reasons to shop country estates

Looking for a property that offers something different, an escape from the demands of day to day life? Whether surrounded by woodland or mountains, a property in the country could be just what you’re after. Here are five compelling reasons to sell up and set your sights on country estates.

 5 compelling reasons to shop country estates

Somewhere cosy for winter

Beachfront villas are all very well when the sun is shining, but when winter comes around most of us go in search of some home comforts. Country estates are often built with everything snug and cosy in mind. Expect dark woods, textured furnishings and at least one impressive open fire or wood burner to retreat to when temperatures outside drop.

Healthy living

The insides of woodland properties may border on the magical, but the world outside isn’t without its charms. Getting outdoors on a regular basis can provide numerous health benefits, from lifting your mood to getting your muscles working.

Properties surrounded by forest typically offer excellent hiking or walking trails, a perfect excuse to pull on the wellington boots and explore the land around your new home. Without straying too far afield, gardening can be good for you too; if you so wish, country estates offer the chance to get your hands dirty. From collecting kindling for your evening fires to tending the garden, you’ll have ample opportunity to get active on your grounds.


One of the major attractions of the country is the simplicity of life, when compared to the fast-paced city. Whether you’re taking a winter break or looking for somewhere quiet to retire, it’s country estates that can make your stress levels plummet. Traffic noise is replaced by the song of native birds, and the privacy is unmatched.

A safe haven

As we move through life, our priorities change. Never is this truer than when we bring children into our lives. Whether it’s for kids of your own or those of visiting family members, you can’t get much more secure than rural, woodland properties: fewer people, less traffic – just fields in which to play. It’s not just about keeping the young ones safe, either. Properties surrounded by forest offer a world of adventure for children; such settings allow their imaginations to grow and provide opportunities for them to learn and explore.

Charming features

Not all the benefits of country estates are practical. When you move out to the forest, you’re also entering a whole new world of aesthetic appreciation and design opportunities. This dramatic Son Vida woodland property gives a taste of what’s possible, from the aged ceiling beams to the cosy, wooden-clad office and library.

Like most woodland estates for sale, this property has embraced the rustic aesthetic. The previous owners have done so tastefully, working pieces of old agricultural machinery into the internal design. This is an intelligent and respectful way of maintaining the property’s soul and past, which dates back to the 11th century. It’s been a feudal residence and a home for monks, and the furnishings and decor reflect this history.

To seek out your own slice of country life, take a look at woodland estates for sale in your favourite rural areas using the Engel & Völkers search tool.

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