5 reasons to escape to a mountain home

‘Great things happen when men and mountains meet’: these words were once said by the famous romantic poet, William Blake. When we look at the stunning properties built on the sides of mountains, such as warm log cabins with spectacular views, we couldn’t agree more.

5 reasons to escape to a mountain home

Basing your second home in the mountains offers both seclusion and architectural freedom. Here are five more tempting reasons to invest in a small place at altitude where you can escape to.

1. Unique shapes

Bid goodbye to the grey granite and skyscrapers of the city. In the mountains, there’s more room for unique shapes and innovative designs that break the normal rules of architecture. Many modern mountain homes put a spin on the traditional alpine look, with flat roofs, open plan interiors and large windows looking out over the plunging valleys before them.

2. Local, eco-conscious materials

Sustainable architecture involves constructing houses in a way that reduces the output of waste energy and it also utilises natural materials. As a result, mountain homes are often constructed from local materials like timber and stone. Not only does this mean that your home will have a reduced carbon footprint, but you will also benefit from the aesthetic beauty of aged oak beams or raw and exposed sandstone. You could even have an entirely authentic log home to call your own.

3. Easy landscaping

If your hillside cabin house is your second property, then you won’t want to spend all of your time taking care of a large, unwieldy garden. Keeping green spaces simple and low-maintenance frees up your time for relaxation, and also allows the natural habitat of the area to take over your land.

Choose plants, flowers and shrubs that are native to the local area of your mountain home to ensure it’s easy for them to thrive. For a patio area, opt for flagstones of rock from the area, and allow plants to grow up between them for a real wild-garden effect.

4. Large windows and doors

Floor-to-ceiling windows and doors celebrate the beauty of hilltop views and also allow as much light as possible to flood into your log home. The addition of glass to old stone or wooden structures also helps to modernise the overall look of the mountain house. Consider this property in the Andratx Hills, which uses statement windows and a glass elevator to make the most of the natural beauty of the surroundings, and to play with the light streaming inside.

5. Solid wood floors

Hardwood flooring adapts to the different temperature and humidity changes experienced in the mountains, so it warps less than other flooring types. It also creates a homely and traditional aesthetic that’s reminiscent of a log cabin, as well as continuing to use the natural materials found in these areas.

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