5 ways interior window ideas can transform home living

Glass has always offered a chance for architects to get creative, but it’s normally on the outside of a property. More recently, internal window ideas are opening up new possibilities for interior design. Here follows a handful of benefits for incorporating internal window ideas into the design of your property, from maximising privacy, to opening up previously hidden areas of your home.

How interior window can transform home living

1. Take industrial inspiration

Internal window ideas may just be creeping into contemporary interior design, but they’re nothing new. This approach to glazing has its roots in industrial style. Originally used as a means of creating internal offices in large spaces like lofts and converted factories, the technique of using internal windows can be used to divide imposing rooms in a domestic setting. Give an extra nod to the industrial trend when choosing your interior windows, using rustic materials for frames such as iron or copper.

2. Find a mid-point to open plan living

Open plan areas create a sense of space and light yet internal windows are a great way to get many of the benefits of open plan living, without having to commit to a fully open space. They work in much the same way that room dividers do, creating a mid-point between open and closed spaces. With glass room dividers, light can flow and the rooms can be joined, but you don’t need to sacrifice the cosy feeling that comes with having a smaller and more private individual room.

3. Open up new spaces

One of the benefits of internal glazing is the ability to create new and interesting spaces. This impressive property on the outskirts of Madrid is an excellent example, using glazing to incorporate the cellar into the living area of the home. Bringing light into parts of the home which were previously cut off is a relatively quick and simple way of expanding your square footage. It is also an opportunity to embrace some of the more unusual design features of your property.

4. Create intermediate spaces

Internal window ideas also have the potential to create a new kind of space: the intermediate. This is a room which sits between the inside and outside of your home, and is great for specific uses such as housing an indoor swimming pool. The benefit of intermediate spaces cannot be underestimated; they allow you to enjoy the outdoors year round, giving the sense that garden and property merge into one.

5. Get creative

Internal window ideas can be a smart place to get creative with your interior design. The La Moraleja villa is an excellent example of this, as the choice has been made to glaze a section of the floor. This enables not just different rooms in the house to be linked, but also different levels. This design choice is continued in the stairwells, which are open and glazed, allowing light to flow from one floor of the property to another.

If you’re preparing to renovate, internal window ideas might be just the thing to inspire a transformation in your home. Browse contemporary, industrial style properties to familiarise yourself with current trends in the world of architecture and interior design.

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