6 inspiring ceiling design ideas

Nothing adds an airy dimension to a room like a crisply painted, white ceiling. Yet there are many different options when it comes to modern ceiling design, from painted frescoes to glossy stencilled patterns. Here are six ideas that will inspire you to look up.

6 inspiring ceiling design ideas

1. Accent it with paint

A room’s ceiling is often referred to as its fifth wall and it can provide an intriguing splash of colour. Painting your ceiling a solid colour is one of the easiest ways to add visual interest. If you have lofty ceilings, consider a darker shade like charcoal or midnight blue to bring them down to earth. Choose a lacquered paint for a high-drama hue. If you have a ceiling medallion, try painting it a contrasting colour or even a crisp white to truly add impact.

2. Add drama with stencils

Imbue your room with Mediterranean-inspired style by painting on a stencilled ceiling design. You can select from an array of patterns and colours, from faux-Moroccan tiles to an elegant fleur-de-lys motif. Position your stencil of choice with painter’s tape or spray adhesive, before dabbing on paint. Roll and repeat for a gorgeous DIY finish. If you’re looking for a subtle stencilled effect, choose two variations of the same colour of paint, such as semi-gloss and matte, to work with.

3. Defy gravity with wallpaper

Just like any wall, a ceiling can be dressed up with paper. Enhance the continuity of your room’s design by choosing the same wallpaper for walls and ceiling alike. Another option for your ceiling design is to apply the paper overhead, while leaving the walls a neutral colour. Use paintable textured wallpaper like Anaglypta for even more design options.

4. Lend texture with wood

While a herringbone pattern is often used on the floor, it can make an even more striking impact as a house ceiling design. Position wooden rectangular blocks on the ceiling for a standout effect that looks equally intriguing painted or stained. Wooden planks or geometric structures can also be used for your ceiling design. Depending on the arrangement, it could add a rustic or sleek architectural flair.

5. Gild with gold and silver leaf

Gold and silver leafing is a traditional decoration technique that works well in a house ceiling design. A gilded ceiling complements other metallic elements in the room making it particularly pleasing in kitchens or bathrooms. One factor to note is that metallic leaf works best when applied to a perfectly flat surface. If your ceilings are textured, they’ll need to be smoothed down first.

6. Go classical with a fresco

Another modern ceiling design idea with a long history is the use of hand-painted frescoes. Botanical scenes, historical recreations or a night sky with twinkling stars are just a few ideas for a fresco-inspired home ceiling design. Ideal for the bedroom or reception area, a fresco is eye-catching and creates an unusual conversation piece.

Depending on the technique you choose, a decorated ceiling can lend charm or sophistication to your interior spaces. Play with colour and texture to draw the eye upwards and create a new focal point in any room.

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