6 quirky vintage interior design trends

Many of today’s top trends in interior design are recycled from the past. Vintage styles allow you to flex your design creativity by expertly melding elements from different eras. Here are a few decorating ideas to inspire your inner treasure hunter.

6 quirky vintage interior design trends

1. Art deco accents

One of the prevalent vintage interior design trends of 2017 is the use of Art Deco influences. Perennially stylish, the Art Deco movement can be seen in the use of geometric lighting and plenty of sumptuous velvet. The current monochrome trend also works well with Art Deco patterns like chevron. Showcase an accent piece such as a tortoiseshell inlaid mirror in an otherwise neutral space like a white marble bathroom counter. This will make it stand out and look modern all at once.

2. Decorative glass and mirrors

Upgrade your home’s windows with stained glass panels for a timeless, classic appeal. If you’re unwilling to give up your modern double glazing, look for a design with stained glass detailing. Display cabinets can also be given a kaleidoscopic makeover with geometric stained glass designs. Another retro interior design trick is to open up an otherwise neutral space with the use of vintage mirrors. Create your own wall art with a collage of mirrors, in different shapes and patterns.

3. Beautifully bold patterns

Whether it’s a 1960s-inspired paisley print, a checked pattern from the 1940s or a colourful splash of chintz from the 1980s, bold patterns are back in fashion. The key to utilising this vintage interior design trend is to remember that a little goes a long way. To give it a modern, sophisticated upgrade, you could add a pop of printed pattern in the form of a single accent wall, a duo of throw pillows, or an upcycled coffee table.

4. Retro kitchen chic

The kitchen is one area that undoubtedly benefits from vintage decor. Purchase brightly coloured 1950s-style vinyl bar stools, or kit out your cooking area with a retro-styled Swan fridge-freezer. A quick and easy way to add style is by displaying vintage utensils or classic tins.

5. Cast iron furnishings

Vintage interior design often includes a heavy use of metallic materials. Retro copper furnishings have been a big trend over the past few years. Cast iron is the metal du jour, offering an industrial aesthetic that works well in loft spaces or open kitchens. Look for salvaged hospital beds, distressed bedside tables, and cavernous storage units.

6. Cosy cedar chests

During the first half of the 20th century, it was common for young women to store personalised household items in a cedar chest. Called a ‘hope chest’ or ‘glory box’, the trunk was filled to the brim with crockery, lacy linens, bedding, and other items that would one day become part of her married household. The cedar chest has made a comeback in retro interior design, but today it can be used to hold virtually anything you like, from out-of-season clothing to love letters. A sturdy cedar chest looks charming at the foot of a bed, or tucked into a guest room as a standout piece of its own.

Like fashion, interior design is cyclical and vintage trends show no sign of disappearing. The key to making the look work for you is to choose your pieces carefully, displaying retro riches in artful arrangements.

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