7 beneficial characteristics of golf course homes

There is little doubt that playing golf has numerous benefits – the fresh air, sunshine, and the endurance needed to play can help contribute a sense of well-being. Perhaps this, along with the following characteristics, is why golf communities offer such highly sought-after luxury properties.

7 beneficial characteristics of golf course homes

1. The peaceful atmosphere

Golf course homes are built on large plots with plenty of space between neighbours. Residents of sprawling golf communities are drawn to these neighbourhoods not only for the extensive amenities, but also for the tranquillity that golf homes provide. Set back from the traffic of urban centres, golfing communities are constructed in areas known for outstanding natural beauty.

2. The well-maintained grounds

You will never have to worry about unsightly surroundings when you live in golf communities; native landscaping is a major perk of these luxury homes for sale. This grand villa is located near the Estoril Golf Course in Portugal and is surrounded by fragrant pine and eucalyptus, along with flowering mimosa trees. Maintenance also extends beyond vibrant flora and lush lawns to the properties themselves. Golf course homes are often under the care of a homeowners’ association, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.

3. The awe-inspiring views

Whether it is panoramic views of the mountains and Mediterranean from this rustic La Zagaleta villa or sweeping vistas of the Atlantic from Florida real estate, many golf course homes are known for the outstanding beauty of their surrounds. Golf courses are placed in areas with natural attractions, from seaside sand traps to sprawling verdant fairways.

4. The community spirit

For golfing fanatics, living in this type of community is a dream come true; you will automatically have something in common with your neighbours, with no need to wait to tee off. Yet even if you are only a casual golfer, the community spirit sets these luxury homes for sale apart. Many residents of golfing communities can be from a similar demographic, and there are numerous social activities on offer as a result. Fitness classes, community events, and four-star restaurants are often available.

5. The clubhouse amenities

Although golf course homes may already include their own swimming pools and gyms like this stunning villa outside Barcelona, this does not reduce the appeal of additional amenities found in communal areas. Nature trails, tennis courts, conference facilities, and private beaches only scratch the surface of what you might find.

6. The resale value

Practically speaking, purchasing property on a golf course is a sound investment. Golf course homes enjoy excellent resale values, with on-course properties often being up to three times more valuable than those outside of the community. The combination of prestige and clubhouse perks ensures that there will always be a high demand for golf course properties.

7. The golf courses

It would be impossible to talk about golf course homes without mentioning the courses themselves. Residents have the opportunity to perfect their game on courses designed by masters of the sport. From Jack Nicklaus to Arnold Palmer, Florida real estate in particular is full of these world-class courses.

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