The best locations for your future surf house

Wake up to natural light, the sound of gulls and early morning breakers. Skip breakfast, grab your surfboard and head straight for the empty waves while tourists are still snoozing. If this version of reality sets your spine tingling, then you too must have heard the call of the waves. The best part of this daydream, is that it’s achievable to those lucky few who choose to have a home, or a second home, in the world’s surfing hotspots.

The best locations for your future surf house


The coast of the Algarve is known as one of Europe’s top honeymoon destinations, as well as one of the most sought after breaks, with waves rolling in from the west and the south. What makes the Algarve perfect for a second home or surf house is its year round potential. For social surfers, the summer is the key season here, when friendly fellow wave riders flock to the beaches. If you’re a more experienced surfer, you’ll relish the tricky spring breakers and the experience of a fresh winter’s surf. The Algarve is also known for rewarding patient surfers – even long-time locals have to search to find their golden waves – so having a second home here will give you the chance to ease into this special and particular coastline. There is a rare offering of small, quiet coves, with one top recommendation being the ragged Sagres.

South Africa

For something a little further than Europe, South Africa has an undeniable attraction for surfers. You can take your pick of the coast here for exciting breaks. A small surf house near Jeffreys Bay could see you walking down to the beach to watch the annual Billabong Pro ASP World Tour, or off season, perfecting your style on one of the best and most consistent right-hand point breaks in the world. 

Further west, Cape Town offers one of the most desirable blends of surfer life and exciting urban culture, as well as incredible natural beauty. Besides the magnificent Table Mountain, the vibrant creative community and fine wines, the peninsula also enjoys an almost 360 degree swell window, making surfing possible nearly all year. Imagine enjoying the divine breaks here for an autumn get-away, or a New Year’s celebration to avoid the mid-August temperatures. Jefferys Bay, Elands Bay, Cape St. Francis and Kalk Bay are all within driving distance too. 

Muizenberg is another South African oasis with gentle rollers, friendly locals and beachside cafés. It has been dubbed one of the best beaches to learn to surf, so you can invite your friends and family to join you in the waves too.


No list of surf hotspots is complete without Morocco. This is another stunning destination for a surf house, with the perfect blend of waves, climate and culture to keep you entertained all year round. Taghazout, a fishing village in the southwest of Morocco which is generally free from crowds, is a surfing paradise. The area is handy for off-season trips to your second home, with its best and most technical waves crashing in from September through to April. It does have smaller waves for the rest of the year though, if you’re bringing some beginners along for the ride. Surfers have inhabited this rugged coastline since the 1960s so you’ll be in good company; if the waves hadn’t persuaded them to build their surfing ground zero here, the delicious local food might have done so.

Further north, if you’re craving a surf house in a city, Casablanca has the answer. It’s known for its culinary delights and cosmopolitan lifestyle, with a heavy European influence. Located right on the coast, it couldn’t be better placed for surfers, with some fun beginner breaks close by. Both north and south of the city, right hand point breaks can be sought out and the crowds are blissfully absent at many of the best spots.

Finding your dream surf house means that you can not only surf whenever it takes your fancy, but also have unlimited access to some of the harder to reach hidden gems of the surf world, escaping the crowds and catching the swells. Your surf house can be a solid investment as well as a slice of paradise. The potential of year-round letting in these three destinations is high, meaning the property can pay its way, especially if you’re willing to skip the tourist season in favour of some more adventurous surf. For luxury properties in South Africa or on the glistening, opal Algarve coast, head to Engel & Völkers website.

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