Buy a finca on Mallorca – the best place to live in the world

You are considering buying a property? Are you still unsure about the exact location? How about a traditional finca on the beautiful island of Mallorca? Let our selection of properties inspire you.

The newspaper The Sunday Times rightly declared Mallorca the “best place to live in the world”. The breathtaking landscape full of contrasts has been attracting people from all over the world for a long time. The island is a very special place to visit, with its captivating blend of nature reserves, mountainous terrain, local products, secluded small mountain villages, traditional fincas, countless cliffs and white sand beaches. The Mallorcan economy is also thriving – as is the real estate market.

For many years the trend has shown that Mallorca as a real estate location is becoming increasingly interesting and in demand. At Engel & Völkers, we offer luxurious villas and traditional fincas, which make it easy for you to become part of the island community.

Finca with pool and harbor view (Mallorca)

Impressive finca estate in the best location, Mallorca

Do not live only in a finca on Mallorca – reside here

The properties offered by Engel & Völkers are exquisite, luxurious and selected. Our experienced real estate agents will show you exactly the finca, that makes your heart beat a few bars faster. Visit our website and convince yourself of our fascinating versatile luxury real estate offers.

On a yearly 300 sunny days, one can sometimes forget that there is such a thing as hard winter and months full of gloomy rainy days. If you do not speak Spanish, no problem. Mallorca is cosmopolitan! Here you can get away with German quite well. Numerous service providers have adapted themselves to the fact that a lot of Germans are moving to Mallorca. Many have German employees who are responsible for customer support.

The security aspect is also important in Mallorca. The island is one of the safest regions in Spain. In many villages the entrance door is left open, as people feel completely safe.

Become a resident of the best place of residence in the world. Become a part of Mallorca. We are looking forward to finding the right finca for this new chapter in your life.