The charm and convenience of lap pools

Are you interested in a garden feature that not only serves as a focal point but also boosts your fitness? Reap all the health benefits of swimming with a chic, convenient at-home lap pool. Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise that’s both enjoyable and decreases the risk of chronic illnesses, so why not take up the habit at home?

The charm and convenience of lap pools

What is a lap pool?

Long and narrow, lap pools are designed to be the ideal size for fitness swimming. They’re usually a minimum of 12.5m in length, but may go up to 25m or even longer to suit your needs. With a slim, rectangular shape, these slivers of water offer endless options for customisation. They can be installed indoors or out, raised on wooden decking or sunken into soft earth, and designed with landscaping to suit your garden aesthetic. Elevate your pool to a full spa experience by partitioning off a Jacuzzi extension at one end – you’ll get all the relaxing benefits of a hot tub combined with the workout potential of a pool.

Benefits for homeowners

In addition to being made-to-order, this space saving feature requires no more effort a standard swimming pool. Even with a modest sized garden, you can adapt a lap pool to fit the space on hand like in this Cape Town home. Having an accessible pool to swim laps negates the need for additional gym equipment, and provides the opportunity for both aerobic exercise and muscle-building resistance. You could also consider installing a swim-in-place lap pool, with a machine-created artificial current that enables smooth, fluid motions.

Design considerations

Before beginning your pool construction, think about the space you have available. To determine the ideal dimensions, you’ll want to think about garden placement as well as who will be using it. For a solo swimmer, the pool could be as narrow as 1.5m, but this must be increased if more than one swimmer will be using it at a time. If you’ll be using the pool strictly for swimming laps, custom-built wall steps save space in comparison to internal steps leading gradually into the water. On the other hand, consider a shallow end and safety access steps if the whole family will be using your pool. Finally, think about the time of day you’re most likely to swim in order to choose the right heating unit for your pool design.

Customisation and features

Lap pools provide a wealth of design opportunities, allowing you to get creative with your pool construction. For example, this modern Costa del Sol villa features a lateral outdoor lap pool built as an extension of the whitewashed home, showcasing the same clean lines and a single lengthwise glass panel. Infinity edges are popular pool designs, particularly in urban architecture where the water gives way to a panoramic cityscape like this luxurious Miami apartment complex. If you prefer to make the most of natural surroundings, frame your pool with rows of vibrant floral blooms, a verdant lawn, or romantic willow trees.

As illustrated by some of our most enticing properties, personal lap pools invite you to work up a sweat or enjoy spa-like tranquillity at your leisure. Whether tucked into a corner or displayed prominently in your garden as an above-ground water feature, there are infinite design possibilities.

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