Choosing the perfect floor for your home

You can paint the walls, overhaul the furnishings and even invest in some new, evocative art – but there’s one vital element that still needs fixing: the floor under your feet.

Choosing the perfect floor for your home

The flooring in your home quite literally underpins everything and therefore should serve as the basis for your overall house design. Here, we delve into how to go about choosing the perfect floor materials for your home.

Appropriate décor

Each room in the home has to suit your specific needs and desires. This means it’s crucial to consider how you use each space and then extrapolate from that what kind of flooring you need. Armed with this knowledge, you can then consider what kind of finish would suit your décor.

Kitchens and bathrooms

For both the kitchen and bathroom, practicality is always of the utmost importance. In the kitchen, the priority is often cleanliness; you will require a smooth surface which is easy to clean and resistant to stains. Ceramic tiling is a classic and hard-wearing solution, while wooden floors are just as practical but add a more rustic feel to your home.

The flooring of your bathroom must meet similar demands, with the added necessity of it being completely water resistant. This makes ceramic tiles a smart choice for wet room design.

Living areas

The flooring in living areas comes with its own criteria. Aesthetics are most important here as these are entertaining spaces, to be seen and enjoyed by friends and family. Ensure your floor plan complements the overall room design for maximum effect. Try pairing colourway details – looking specifically at peripheral fixtures like curtains, tiling accents and cushions. For example, the primary colour in your curtains could be picked up in the accent colour of a patterned carpet.

You’ll need to take a cue here from your location and lifestyle. Refurbishing a cosy cottage in the English countryside? Soft, natural-fibre carpets are an excellent choice for cosy evenings in. If you’re re-fitting a villa in the Mediterranean, your needs will naturally be different. Hard ceramic tiles could be the smarter choice for your living room floor – a cooling choice to stay comfortable in the heat.


To keep your room design looking its best, you’ll inevitably need to carry out some maintenance on your floor. The frequency with which you need to do this will depend on the material you choose and the level of use it sees.

For holiday homes, it will likely see less wear. This means you can get away with prioritising aesthetics over durability when it comes to material. For high traffic areas in your primary home, such as the entrance way, durability becomes a key concern. Vinyl floors are among the most resilient. Hardwood, a material which can age beautifully, is another popular choice.

Making intelligent flooring choices involves three key questions. Firstly, which rooms are you re-flooring and what floor plan do they have? Secondly, what aesthetic are you going for? Last of all, how much wear and tear do you hope the floor will withstand? Considering the answers to these questions while assessing your re-flooring task will give you a greater chance of success.

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