How to create your dream garage

Human beings may no longer dwell in caves, but this doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned them altogether. Now, the ultimate man cave has instead become the dream garage, where we retreat to unwind and work on our hobbies and creations. If you have an empty half-used storage space that needs converting, here are our top tips for creating your very own private and personal space.

How to create your dream garage

Find a purpose

When you think of your dream garage, you must have an idea of what purpose it will have. Is it a space for you to collect and tinker with your vintage cars? Or will you fill it with sports equipment like bikes, kayaks or surf boards?

Alternatively, your idea of the perfect man cave might be as an area dedicated to entertainment. Whatever it is, the rest of your design process will centre around this primary desire.

Choose an aesthetic 

The function will inform the look and feel of the room. For example, if your dream garage is going to be a workshop, you could leave industrial pipes and exposed brickwork bare. Or if this is going to be a cosy man cave garage, you might want to lay down a rug and give the walls a lick of paint.

Lighting will play a large role in creating the right atmosphere in your man cave. The most common designs use fluorescent or LED lighting to keep the place bright and airy, but you may prefer factory-chic pendant lighting.

Any car enthusiast’s eyes will glaze over at the thought of a modern 6-car garage, like in our sublime La Moraleja property. You may want to install a purpose-built storage unit to display and organise all your tools too, and perhaps a vintage chalk board to sketch out your plans and ideas. If you’re looking to store many different items, invest in some built-in cupboards with a colourful or even matte black design, to keep your clutter well hidden. 

Pick the entertainment 

Like basement or loft spaces, garages are ideal for transforming into spacious communal entertainment rooms. Large walls, minimal decorations and little natural light mean that your dream garage could transform into a home cinema without too many structural alterations. You might also like to use the extensive floor space for a table tennis or snooker table, a bar, or to build your perfect home gym.

If you’re an artist, this is also an ideal space for your own studio. Multiple easels, print stations and technical drawing tables can fit into a spacious garage, and your materials can be stored at a good temperature for them not to spoil.

It’s likely that man cave garages will only grow in popularity, since less and less people are using these external buildings for housing cars. As more professionals begin to work remotely, the garage becomes a space to escape to away from the home office. Having a place tailored to your hobbies and needs only a step from your front door is a trend that’s here for the foreseeable future.

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