Create the perfect guest room with these five essential tips

Part of the joy of owning a luxury property lies in hosting guests. From the upscale pool to the well-stocked bar, the premium aspects of your home truly come into their own when shared with others.

Satisfying your visitors isn’t merely a matter of having impressive facilities, however. A well-kept guest room is also a necessity for ensuring maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Create the perfect guest room

Here, we run through some essential tips and tricks to help you prepare a designated space for the arrival of family and friends.

1. Make it theirs

When your guest room is empty, it can be tempting to use it as an overflow for your own possessions, by sneaking a rarely worn cocktail dress into the closet, for example, or a pair of dress shoes under the bed.

The risk here is that your guests won’t feel free to put their own stamp on the space. Storage areas should be kept clear for visitors to use, which may require some spring cleaning and home organisation. When completed, the wardrobe should be devoid of items apart from hangers, inviting your guests to put it to use.

2. Cultivate a relaxing space

To ensure your house truly feels like a home from home for your visitors, present them with more than purely a place to lay their heads. Cultivate a space for relaxing in by installing comfortable seating and a reading light. Fitting a television and a well-stocked DIY bookshelf into your guest room provides light entertainment.

3. Provide refreshments

Providing the ability to take care of their own refreshments is essential to making your guests feel at home.

Leave some clean glasses beside their bed with a water jug, and consider placing tea- and coffee-making facilities on the side.

4. Ensure they stay connected

While some guests prefer to steer clear of the internet when they’re on holiday, this decision is not yours to make. Providing the password to your Wi-Fi is, of course, a must, but it’s also worth assessing the signal in your guest room. If it’s weak, consider installing a signal booster to ensure your visitors have consistent and reliable access to the internet.

5. Keep it fresh

Even the most sociable households will have empty guest rooms for much of the year. When your spare space isn’t in use, it can become stale. Ensure it’s dusted and that the bed linen is changed regularly, regardless of whether or not it has been utilised. When guests are due, a vase of fresh flowers will brighten the room in an instant.

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