Create the perfect outdoor living room with these 10 tips

When summer is in the air, it’s time to take your living space outside and enjoy those long evenings. Here are 10 outdoor living room ideas to help you transform your garden.

Create the perfect outdoor living room with these 10 tips

1. Handy hideaways

If you have any secluded spots in your garden, especially if they’re surrounded by plants or other features, then set up a small table and a few chairs here. This is a simple way to create a cosy retreat in which you can enjoy lunch or a good book.

2. Rustic benches

A large, comfortable bench (complete with outdoor-friendly cushioning) can make the summer a real treat. It’s a perfect addition to the garden for when you’re entertaining friends and family at the obligatory sun-soaked barbecue. Fill that space on the lawn or patio with some rustic seating, and you’ll have a welcoming social focal point.

3. Cosy cushions

A comfortable cushion can turn almost any part of your garden into a seat, while throws are great for an impromptu picnic with children. If you have any low walls, then the addition of a couple of cushions instantly turns them into seats for party guests.

4. Outdoor sofas

No outdoor living room (or indoor one, for that matter) is complete without a sofa. Look out for large, weatherproof sofas that can form the centre piece of your outdoor oasis in the summer.

5. Feature fires

With the natural light extending balmy evenings, you’ll want to remain in your outdoor living room for as long as possible. A great way to stay warm while also creating a dramatic feature for your garden is to set up a blazing fire pit, neatly bordered by smooth stones.

6. Colour themes

Once you start to think about the outside as the inside, then outdoor living room ideas will start to come naturally, but a colour theme is a great place to start if you’re unsure. Choose three or four complementary colours, and use these as basis for both furniture and foliage.

7. Natural decorations

Your summer living room already has some ready-made décor in the form of your garden’s plants and features. Once you’ve decided on a colour theme, you can choose foliage that enhance your outdoor space even more.

8. Secret sunbathing

With outdoor beds now widely available, you can create your very own private sunbathing or afternoon siesta spot. If you have a secluded patio space, add a bed and low table to form the perfect retreat.

9. Large spaces

Your garden could give you much more opportunities for large pieces of furniture than the indoors, so use this to your advantage. Furnish your summer living room with a wide banquette or sofa, and it can double as a table as well.

10. Ornamental plants

In addition to using plants to add colour to your outdoor living room, you can use them to soften any features that might not fit with your overall theme too. Fast-growing vines can quickly cover a wall and give your garden a fresh, verdant feel.

To put these ideas into practice, you’ll need a property with a garden or yard, of course. You can find some ideal candidates for outdoor and indoor living, as well as some more ideas on how to transition your indoor space to the outdoors on our blog.

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