How to create rustic cosiness for winter

Whether your winter is short lived and mild or truly gets comfortable and settles down its icy blanket to stay, the colder weather means it’s time to embrace the indoors. After all, there’s nothing quite like an inviting rustic interior for indulging in a stint of pure relaxation.

How to create rustic cosiness for winter

But what’s the key to reproducing this intimate atmosphere in your own home? From incorporating antique leather details to installing modern fireplaces, our transformative ideas will help you cosy up for winter.

Embrace texture

Fur, faux fur and wool accessories evoke a snug appeal. Furniture and linen in cooler tones, combined with plush textiles such as cushions and throws, will transform your bed, sofa or chair into a wintry dream. To complete the effect, lay a soft faux-fur rug in front of the hearth.

Opt for raw wood

Exposed wooden beams and ceilings are the pinnacle of the raw-wood interior trend. A simpler way to incorporate the concept into your rustic interior, however, is through furniture. Simply choose a dramatic rough-cut oak headboard for your bedroom or install beautiful untouched-cedar cupboards in the kitchen.

Leather up

Soft, warm-toned or slightly worn-looking leather provides a homely twist on how we usually think of interiors incorporating this material: chic and modern. Antique leather lends a room a lived-in effect. Keep it as subtle as you like by choosing accent pieces featuring this fabric, such as chair covers, footstools, cushions or even photo frames.

Stoke the fire

When we conjure up an image of cosying up for winter, our picture rarely lacks a fire. The hearth acts as a focal point in your room; a gathering place for the longer, darker evenings. Make the most of an original fireplace or install a modern design – either will ensure your space feels homelier.

Logs, which are often thought as inconvenient necessities for fuelling the blaze, can also add to your rustic interior. Why not pile them up indoors for a tactile feature?

Add artefacts

To recreate the effect of a bona-fide hunting lodge, you’ll need to locate a few quirky pieces. An eclectic collection of items that are purely decorative is the key to furnishing a rustic interior. Artefacts from your life and travels are best: a lamp from one country, a rug from another or a piece of driftwood you stumbled across on a tropical beach.

Decorative items such as antler mounts, animal-hide rugs and portraits of game also cast a wintry spell, whether authentic or replica.

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