Curb appeal ideas for summer 2017

Potential buyers can make up their mind within seconds of seeing a property. That’s why front yard landscaping ideas and a little home improvement are worth thinking about before listing your home for sale. Here are some simple DIY projects and curb appeal ideas to help make that first impression a great one.

Curb appeal ideas for summer 2017

Front door focus

For most properties, the front door is an important feature; it’s one of the first things visitors will see. That means it needs to be the central focus when you’re thinking of curb appeal ideas. Style should be your first consideration. Your front door needs to be of good quality, but it also needs to match the feel and period of the house. Use durable, first-rate materials where possible, and work to incorporate aesthetically pleasing details like windows and designer letter boxes.
As is often the way with home improvement, the quickest and most effective way to overhaul any existing feature is with a coat of paint. Choose either a sophisticated neutral shade to fit with the property such as navy or grey, or go bold with an eye-catching yellow or pink; using colour can be the easiest way to add a new lease of life to the front of your home.

Fencing and gates

Investing some time on DIY projects which spruce up any fences and gates is a smart idea. Wooden fences can easily be stripped, treated and painted if they’re looking a little tired. Gates should be properly maintained, particularly if they’re powered. The motion of electronic gates may seem a small point, but it can have a big impact on somebody’s first impression of your home.


The signpost for your home is a great opportunity to get creative with your curb appeal ideas. Again, this needs to be in keeping with the style of your home and neighbourhood. Traditional, handmade signs are smart choices for rural properties, for example, giving a rustic feel. Bespoke designs can also add an element of exclusivity to your property. Modern properties enable you to be imaginative, allowing you to experiment with materials, colours and text design. It is also wise to consider how the signage will appear in the dark; remember, they’re an item of utility, as well as art.

A vibrant garden

In summer, when plants are in full bloom, sprucing up the fauna can suggest that your property is homely and well care for. More ambitious front yard landscaping ideas might include water features, small orchards or themed elements, but you don’t need something of this scale to create a desirable first impression. Small, simple yet colourful front yard ideas can also have a powerful impact. Sweet peas are a smart choice. Not only are they fast growing, but they’ll climb with ease up the side of fences. They bring a touch of colour to your home, and offer a sweet scent to passers-by.

Outdoor living

The southern states of America set the standard high for curb appeal ideas. In this part of the world, it’s common for homes to have an open front porch. Make the most of this by positioning some comfortable chairs and a decorative table out front to welcome prospective buyers as they approach. Cultivate the cosy and welcoming feel further by planting a scattering colourful flowers around the porch, or adorning the furniture with plush cushions and textured throws.

A few simple curb appeal ideas can transform the front of your property, ultimately increasing the appeal and value of your home. Visit the Engel & Völkers property valuation page to learn more about how you can ensure the sale of your home reaches the desired figure.

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