How to design your home with soulful architecture

Architects may use all the same tools as mathematicians and engineers, but their creative vision is what makes them unique. The key to creating a dream property that is tailored to meet the wants and needs of a particular individual is less about science, and more about harnessing soulful architecture.

How to design your home with soulful architecture

As you decide how to design your home, you’ll come across numerous opportunities to bring an element of soul into its architecture and design. Here, we pick out a handful of easy ways to put a personal stamp on your property.

Get involved

The real secret to creating a meaningful connection between you and your new home is to get involved in the building and designing process. If you’re using handmade materials – which are a must when it comes to soulful architecture – try contacting the makers to see if you can lend a hand. This means getting involved with the weaving or sewing of fabrics, the bricklaying of certain parts of the building, or the creation of mosaics for your bathroom design.

Whenever you’ve got time, it’s always worth visiting the construction site. Seeing your home grow as it goes through various stages will give you a deeper understanding of the building process and how your property functions from the inside out. There’s also the added practical benefit of being able to make tweaks as you go along – as you witness different areas of the property developing, you can adapt the plans for how to design your home and work with your architect to get them just right.

Source locally

There’s always a strong link between a property and its environment. Sourcing local materials, such as sandstone rock, steel girders or timber, can create a greater intimacy between your new home and the area around it. Local wood is relatively easy to source, particularly if you live in a rural area.

When first considering how to design your home, conduct some research about nearby materials and include them in your plans. It’s better to do this earlier rather than later, as the inclusion of certain materials can have a colossal effect on the final outcome.

Embrace imperfections

If you are designing and building your home from scratch, it can be tempting to strive for perfection. However, due to the more artisan-based production methods used in soulful architecture, this dream of perfection is both unrealistic and inhibiting. Imperfections and quirky details are part of a home’s unique charm, and give a property its own stamp of individuality.

Go period

Period features exude character, whether they’ve aged gracefully through the years, or they’ve got a special story to go with them. Even if your home is a new build, this doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate an element of period design into your property. Install reclaimed fireplaces and touch them up with a lick of paint to help them fit into a modern aesthetic. Or add some locally-sourced authentic vintage beams to high ceilings to bring the old-world into your new home.

One of our recent blog articles on interior design trends showed that using natural materials, such as wooden beams and terracotta tiles, is back on the home décor agenda. Incorporating warm and natural features into the architecture and design of your soulful home is another way of embracing a period theme and banishing any cold and homogenous aspects from your new property.

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