A Dialogue with the Past

Giorgia Cerulli, art enthusiast and researcher of antique and modern objects, deals in the creation of unique accommodation facilities.

The G-Rough, the Relais Terme di Tito, the Relais Orso…in recent years you have created some of the most beautiful accommodations of the Capital. How did this journey begin? Giorgia Cerulli: In 2008, I started working with Danilo Maglio, an who had already specialised architect in that field. Then, our paths diverged and I proceeded with a project that received great recognition: the G-Rough. From there, other projects were born, such as luxury accommodations, facilities, as well as bars, galleries and clubs. What are the elements that distinguish your work? Giorgia Cerulli: I am very interested in the discourse of restorative conservation and therefore I always try to retain the soul of the spaces in which I am involved. I like to resurface the rough plaster of the walls and recover the old cementino floors, typical of the ’30s. Then, I have a great passion for vintage and designer furnishings, for antiques, of course, for modernity. I mainly deal with the ’50s,’60s and ’70s. My research is about inserting unique pieces, perhaps even mixing them with designer pieces of and contemporary artwork.

Blog_888x600_ROM_Architecture_2_317A style that is reflected in your gallery? Giorgia Cerulli: Yes, Sacripante is a space I’m very attached to. It was a former convent. I decided to go looking for the history of the place. I liked the idea of ​not doing a canonical gallery with the white walls. We have removed all layers of painting: today, on the rough walls, the artwork and furnishings stand out. I find inspiration by travelling: for example, Paris is one of the cities that has inspired me most. There, there are many of these small hotels, where people meet. Regardless of the accommodations, these places live their own lives. There are all kinds of people.


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Credit: www.giorgiacerulli.com


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