Are you dreaming of living on a Mediterranean island?

Popular Mediterranean islands are known to offer many different ways in which to indulge in an idyllic, yet individualistic lifestyle. Do you prefer a stately home in the countryside, a Mediterranean finca or a modern apartment in a seaside town? Choosing to live on a Mediterranean island means you are spoilt for choice.

If you are looking for a perfect second island home, please consult our brochure ”Your Private Piece of Summer – Southern Europe 2017”, where you can find a wide variety of attractive Mediterranean properties. In this article, we invite you to discover various island lifestyles that are typical for the Mediterranean and get an overview of the wide range of properties available on selected islands such as Mallorca or Symi near Rhodes.

The many faces of Mediterranean living

If you are seeking a special lifestyle in an attractive setting, you will be delighted by the wide variety of properties as well as the many architectural and interior designs found on the Mediterranean islands. On some islands, in particular on Mallorca and the Greek island of Symi, traditional styles of living have to a large extent been preserved and even artfully elaborated by the island’s inhabitants.

Mallorca offers many opportunities for luxury countryside living. Fincas, country homes and magnificent mansions abound on this idyllic Mediterranean island, offering a perfect retreat for fatigued city dwellers.

Are you dreaming of living on a Mediterranean island?

Luxury fincas such as in Deià are generally furnished in the traditionally opulent finca style with lots of terracotta and rustic charm. But as far as lifestyles go, the options are boundless, of course. In recent years, many of Mallorca’s fincas have been intentionally and creatively redesigned in an individualised modern style.

Whether you prefer modern, classic Mediterranean or country-style, the island offers many prime residential locations and immediate access to the surrounding nature.

Are you dreaming of living on a Mediterranean island?

Enjoy a grand lifestyle on the Greek island of Symi

Mediterranean island properties each have their own unique living ambience. Especially properties with traditional architecture are often restored and furnished to the highest standard, with much attention to detail.

This stately residence from 1894 on the Greek island of Symi with views of the port of Gialos has a spacious living area and a luxurious interior with hand-painted ceilings. It is a perfect blend of traditional architecture and luxury lifestyle with an authentic island flair.

Are you dreaming of living on a Mediterranean island?

How to make your dreams of island living come true

Would you like to learn more about living on an island in the Mediterranean and are considering purchasing property on a Mediterranean island?

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