Easter Brunch with a view

The first days of spring are around town and that means we are looking forward to Easter. In time for Easter the nature shows up with flowers, some sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures. 

Many people love to spend the extended weekend with their families and friends. 

A very popular way and an all time favourite to spend that qualitytime is an extensive Easter brunch at a nice location. Can you imagine anything better than a beautiful, cosy morning with your loved ones?

Location for Easter Brunch

It doesn´t matter which is your favourite place to be for the Easter brunch – if you like to stay at home, in a café, nice hotel or maybe in the nature and so some picnic. It´s not only about the right location or the lovely food which will be served at your Easter Brunch. We had a look at our property search and we picked some awesome luxury homes where an Easter Brunch would be perfect just because of the stunning views.

Properties with the perfect view

Maybe you already found your dreamhome with a nice terrace and you spend you freetime on Easter there, relaxing with friends and enjoy your view. But maybe you belong to all the people looking for the perfect home with balcony, terrace, perfect oceanview or whatever suits your illusion about the perfect view.

Engel & Völkers collected some inspirations for you so here we go! 

By the way, Easter is also inside your home so you should check out our fresh Easter decorating tips for your interior. 

Awesome nature view 

Spend the Easter days at your own home in the middle of nature. An awesome view is usually included if your property is surrounded by nature elements. There is no better way to enjoy that extensive breakfast with family members far away from stressful cities.

Easter Brunch with a view in Wallis

Big City life – Above the roofs of town

To these ones who love the city and don´t want to miss the hustle and bustle during the day, there are just amazing rooftops which gives your apartment a very cool touch. It´s also an opportunity to reduce the external influences at the streets. Your are directly located to the city but you also got your own space above the roofs. You can also decorate your outdoorspace with some Easter gadgets. 

Easter Brunch with a view in Brussel, Belgium

Easter Brunch with oceanview – the very best of!

Can you imagine anything better than a panoramic view above the ocean? For many people this is definetely the very best of views which is pretty clear to imagine.

Think about a perfect served Easter Brunch with your loved ones near to the beach and sit back, relax and enjoy your freetime.

Oceanview Easter Brunch terrace

On our Engel & Völkers website we got many more properties in our portfolio, just have a look at them! 

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