Enchanting garden wedding decorations: a how-to guide

Now you’ve planned the perfect backyard wedding, it’s time to think about how to transform your garden into a luxurious oasis that will amaze your friends and family. Having an outdoor location means you can really get creative and individual – you essentially have a blank slate to work with, after all. Here are some outside wedding ideas to get the imagination flowing.

Enchanting garden wedding decorations: a how-to guide

Innovative decorations

Being outdoors gives you some very interesting possibilities. You can make your natural surroundings work with your decorations. If you have trees in your garden, for example, hanging floral displays, wreaths, or even chimes from the branches is a very simple but effective way to add a sprinkle of magic. Trees are also excellent for holding up lights. Stringing fairy lights across the garden or through the trees to form a glittering canopy will certainly create a stunning atmosphere as the sun goes down.

Another advantage of the garden is that you can often combine the chic with the shabby. Almost everything can be turned into a garden wedding decoration – even that old bucket at the bottom of the garden. Give plant pots or other containers a rinse, fill with water, and add a selection of flowers. You’ll have a variety of hidden treasures for your guests to discover as they wander your newly created wonderland.

Versatile marquees

You might think a marquee is essential for an outdoor wedding, especially in the trademark unpredictability of the British summer, and you’d certainly be right. Marquees can open up other possibilities as well, however. You’re not limited to a summer or spring wedding alone, for example. The gorgeous woody tones of autumn can make a spectacular backdrop for your garden wedding decorations, and it gives you plenty to work with when it comes to colour schemes and general outdoor wedding decoration ideas.

With a marquee, you could even create a cosy and enchanting winter wedding. Considering how to decorate the interior of a marquee can be daunting of course – it’s just an empty space initially, after all. A great way to start is to simply use the shape of the space itself as your initial inspiration. If you’re going with a more rustic looking tepee, then complement this with thick wooden tables, candles, and makeshift floral containers (baskets or anything that continues the wooden, slightly wild theme).

Vibrant flower arrangements

Arranging flowers is definitely an art, and a good place to start is by choosing a colour scheme to bind all your outside wedding ideas together. The flowers will be the finishing touch to your garden wedding decorations, and they need to be able to tie it all together with aplomb. To begin, try choosing three or four colours at most. White and pale pastels are always a great choice for weddings, given the occasion. If you want something more striking, then one or two complimentary bold colours, like purples and reds, can really bring things to life.

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