Experience “The Power of Change” in the new issue of GG magazine

We at GG magazine have been reflecting on the issue of sustainability for some time. And not just because eco-friendly materials and energy efficiency are increasingly important in the property industry, but because we keep happening upon it. Whether it’s to do with plastic waste in the oceans or with food, design and fashion.

Experience “The Power of Change” in the new issue of GG magazine

In the current issue of “Grund Genug”, the property and lifestyle magazine from Engel & Völkers, we present you with individual people who will inspire you to rethink things.

Meet Tanya Streeter, multiple world recorder holder in free-diving. She is promoting marine conservation and supported the team for the documentary film “A Plastic Ocean”, which shows the current state of our oceans. Eight million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year. Only a fraction of this is visible to us and is washed up on our beaches. “A Plastic Ocean” examines this issue more closely.

We also present Brazilian brothers Humberto and Fernando Campana who have spent years working on upcycling in furniture design, as well as the company Whole Foods, founded in Austin, Texas in 1980, which is the world’s biggest organic supermarket chain.

In the latest issue of GG magazine, we also look at fashion and celebrities and present you with personalities such as Livia Firth and Stella McCartney who are confident that it’s possible to work in an eco-friendly way even in these fast-paced industries.

Let yourself be won over by the latest issue of GG magazine, you’ll be inspired and convinced that sustainability is more relevant than ever.

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