The five best tips ever for furnishing your home

“New home, new you”. The renowned poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe understood the importance of the home. Nothing has changed since Goethe’s time. The way in which we live betrays no less about a person than their diary does.

The five best ever tips for furnishing your home

Have you recently moved and want to try furnishing your home differently? Or are you just looking for a fresh new look? We’ll show you five foolproof tips for furnishing your home.

1. Listen to your inner voice

As useful as these tips may be, you should have faith in your own style, even when it goes against the current trends. Your home is only truly you when you follow your own rules. The occasional break from the current style can give your home character.

2. Books create atmosphere

Tablets, Kindles and consoles are all well and good, but books create a cosy atmosphere. Whether it’s in the bedroom or the living room in front of the fireplace, your favourite books recall pleasant memories. As usual, it’s about: Quality not quantity.

3. Include personal objects

The most stylish furnishing can’t look right without personal touches. A beautiful home really comes into its own when you get the feeling that somebody really feels at home there. Photos, a piece of flotsam brought back from Bali or children’s paintings really help your home shine.

4. Touches of colour

As with choosing the right property, when it comes to the colour scheme in a new home it’s important never to underestimate it. Our tip: consult a colour expert. Over time, many people feel that they’ve found ‘their’ colours and are astonished to realise, when talking to the specialist, that they may feel happier in very different colours to those they would usually choose. Just remember: not too much and not too little. Let two or three colours from the same family work together in each room.

5. Let there be light

The right lighting is essential to help show off your carefully selected furnishings as well as they deserve! This begins with the right lights: From royal chandeliers to cool, modern lighting arrangements, the range on offer is limitless. And don’t forget our tip: Consult a professional! Lighting consultants can help you to find the perfect lighting for your home. For example, you can select different “moods” using the remote control and adapt the lighting to the occasion.

New home or new decor: Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Whether you’re moving in or want to redesign your new home: Congratulations – now you’ve got more opportunities for creating the home furnishing of your dreams than ever before. Before you tackle the “five golden rules for home furnishing”, gather your ideas together and discuss them. And if you’re looking for tips for searching for the perfect neighborhood: It’s worth visiting your local Engel & Völkers Shop.

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