Five creative ways to transform your basement

Hidden beneath your home, your basement is a large area of untapped opportunity. With some creative remodelling, this interior design potential could be tapped and turned into an enjoyable project space for your whole family. Turning your basement into a DIY grand design could not only give you a space to indulge your hobbies, but it can add value to your property for when you’re next looking to sell. To give you a few ideas, here are our five creative uses for your basement.

Five creative ways to transform your basement

1. Home cinema

Easily one of the most popular uses for a remodelled basement is a cinema at home. For starters, you will need a screen that’s large enough to create that authentic ‘cinema feel’. This could come in the form of a large flatscreen, or even a projector system against a white-washed wall. Then look into hanging up some thick curtains to block out any light from your basement windows. Whether you intend to keep your cinema to yourself or are planning on entertaining guests in your new-found theatre, your seating needs to be plentiful and comfortable. For a classic vintage aesthetic, red velvet chairs tick all of the traditional boxes. Make sure you tuck a mini-fridge into a corner of your cinema, alongside a snacks cupboard, to make sure you have all of those necessary cinema treats to hand when the film starts.

2. Games room

For the child in you that never grew up, your basement could be easily transformed into a games room. This remodelling project could involve buying larger games, such as a pool or snooker table, or a retro pinball machine, or you could opt for a cosier family space with board games and consoles to cater for all tastes.

3. Home gym

Creative basement design doesn’t have to be all about home entertainment. You could also dedicate a room in your house to staying healthy, by remodelling your basement into a home gym. This will mean that the clutter and noise of gym equipment will be stashed away rather than taking up other spaces in your property, and you will also have some space to yourself to exercise without being interrupted. If you’re creating a multi-purpose space, your home cinema surround sound system can double up as a music centre for your gym.

4. Art studio

Another way to put the seclusion of a basement to good use is with an art studio. For almost every medium, good lighting is a top priority, so think about opening up windows or adding in light fixtures. This is particularly important in basements, which tend to lack natural light sources. Then look into bringing together some comfortable seating and a large drawing table or easel, depending on your medium. Shelves and ample storage spaces are also a plus if you have plenty of materials and art equipment to tidy away.

5. Swimming pool

For a remodelling project with a bit more ambition, why not go all out and build a swimming pool into your basement design? Where space is limited, you can take advantage of artificial flow systems, which allow you to swim against a current. A jacuzzi, or even a sauna, would bring a welcome touch of luxury to your new basement design.

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