Five decorating mistakes and how to avoid them

Decorating your home can be extremely satisfying, but it’s all too easy to make errors that can cost you time and money, and disrupt the look you were going for. Here are five common decoration mistakes, and some handy decoration tips on how to avoid them.

Five decorating mistakes and how to avoid them

1. Choosing the wrong-sized furniture

You might love that three-piece suite, but if you haven’t measured both the space it’s going in and the dimensions of the furniture, you could face some difficulties. There’s a simple solution here though – make sure you take clear and accurate measurements of your space before you buy anything. Marking out areas for furniture can also be helpful for giving you an idea of how things will look.

2. Matching everything

While you certainly want a theme or matching elements running through a room, it’s all too tempting to simply match everything. This can have the side effect of giving your space a rather bland overall look. If you have the same colours running through everything, it can make your dining room look like it’s straight from a catalogue. Think about colours and items that complement each other, rather than matching outright.

3. Forgetting about lighting

This is perhaps one of the most common decoration mistakes. Lighting should be more than a practical consideration, but it’s easy to overlook. The right lighting can really bring a room to life. Lamps, fairy lights, lampshades and the main room lights can all have a huge impact on how comfortable your rooms feel. Simply having one bright main light in a room can quickly wash it out, no matter how much work you’ve put into the rest of the décor.

4. Neglecting art

A good piece of art, whether it’s a sculpture or picture, can lift a space and set off the colours wonderfully. There are a few easy to make mistakes that can end up detracting from your carefully decorated room as well, however. Firstly, it’s very easy to hang art too high. Ideally you and your guests should be able to look at any wall art without having to look up or below the eyeline. It’s also important to scale the art to your space. If you have a large room, make sure you have a piece that suits the size of the wall.

5. Overlooking comfort

Getting caught up in décor and style is a very easy mistake to make. There’s nothing wrong with either of course, but you don’t necessarily want to have a stylish front room at the expense of comfort. The home should be welcoming, and foster conversation. If you’ve arranged a room to look elegant, but it’s hard to relax in, then it could be worth a rethink. If you need any decorating tips, make sure to have a read of our quick home transformation tips, and our guide on how to decorate a new home.

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