Four common myths about selling your home

Misinformation is the bane of the real estate industry. The web of exaggerated figures, false news and general misunderstandings can make the market a difficult place for sellers to navigate.

Four common myths about selling your home

Here, we debunk a handful of home-selling myths, honing in on the truth of what it truly takes to sell a house today.

1. It’s cheaper to go FSBO

A common misconception is that, because real estate agents charge a fee, it must be less expensive to list a house as for sale by owner. Straightforward though it may seem, the syllogism doesn’t prove true in the grander scheme of things.

The reason for this is that professional real estate agents are likely to achieve a significantly higher price than you can when selling your home. They’ll offer advice along the way and have experience in the negotiation process that’s bound to help inflate your final figure. The bottom line is that real estate agents will earn you a significant deal more than they cost to employ.

2. You can sell ‘as is’

When you’re selling your home it’s tempting to take the quickest route to completion. After all, the prospect of moving out of your old house and into your new one is exciting.

Any experienced realtor will tell you, however, that patience is a virtue. Selling your home ‘as is’ will rarely fetch the highest figure at the point of sale. Even in the most buoyant markets, homes tend to sell faster – and for more money – with a little work.

This could involve anything from a quick lick of paint to the complete renovation of kitchens and bathrooms. Ask your real estate agent to advise you on how best to maximise the value of your home.

3. Marketing isn’t necessary

It’s not uncommon for sellers in a lively market to be complacent, believing their homes will sell themselves. The truth is, however, that marketing your property will have an overwhelming impact on selling it.

Marketing can help elevate a commonplace property into the luxury market, for example. If this is an option you would like to examine, read more about the benefits of targeted, individualised marketing schemes on the Engel & Völkers website. With the help of a professionally crafted narrative, you can expect to achieve the best price when selling your home.

4. Property isn’t personal

With so many properties changing hands each day, it’s easy to believe that the process of selling your home is nothing personal. But that simply isn’t the case. Each buyer’s journey is different, and an excellent real estate agent will cater their search to suit the needs of their client. Over time, a relationship is built up and there’s an element of trust inherent to a final sale. This is just one of the handful of reasons as to why working with a professional real estate agency is worthwhile.

In fact, each of these myths highlights the risks of going it alone when selling your home. In each case, the experience, knowledge and personal touch that comes with employing a professional real estate agent proves key to a successful transaction. Head over to the Engel & Völkers website for more tips and insider information on how a real estate agent can help to sell your house.

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