Fresh Easter decorating ideas for 2017

Whatever your beliefs, Easter is known as the perfect time of year to start afresh. With spring injecting bright, floral tones into our gardens and banishing the greyness of winter, and with the days getting longer and warmer, our homes are looking at their very best. Whether you’re prepping your property for sale or are just keen to freshen up your house at this time of year, the Easter holidays provide the perfect excuse for embracing spring decorations.

Fresh Easter decorating ideas for 2017

To help inspire your spring décor, here are three of our favourite Easter decorating ideas for 2017.

1. Let spring bloom

Nothing captures the spirit of springtime better than the sight of bulbs and flowers starting to poke through the earth. These natural colour swatches add some appealing bright and fresh hues to your décor, both inside and outside your home.

Bulbs and crocuses can be planted in small pots and dotted around your house in light corners and warm suntraps. These can be plucked from your own garden or bought from your local florist to add some light touches of colour to your palette.

Bouquets of flowers are always a welcome addition to your interiors, but they’re also a particularly effective investment if your home’s on the market. As another one of our easter decorating ideas for 2017, bring together a selection of seasonal flowers. Spring tulips are a popular choice, while daffodils and irises are both eye-catching classics.

2. Lay some eggs

Although some Easter ideas are best left to the kids, other popular traditions are easily turned into chic spring decorations. Away from the fluffy animal and bird designs, you can easily embrace the theme of the season with a few clusters of intricate painted eggs.

These small and subtle hand-painted interior design ideas provide a great opportunity for some family time, as both adults and children can join in the decorating process. Then gather the eggs together in metal or glass bowls placed as coffee or dining table centre-pieces or as a focal point on your mantelpiece.

3. Drape garlands and bunting

With the weather improving daily, our Easter decorating ideas for 2017 aren’t just limited to the indoors. Garlands and paper bunting bring vibrant tones and fun patterns to outdoor spaces and add a carnival atmosphere to your external cooking and eating spaces. Now that the sun is shining and the thermal coats are coming off, wheel out the barbecue to host that first get-together of the new season, and celebrate the end of winter. Whether you’re selling your home or just looking to impress your guests, seasonal decorations like these these Easter decorating ideas for 2017 are a wonderful way to freshen up your home.

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