Future living: sustainable architecture

Ecological timber construction – not exactly the first thing that jumps to mind when thinking of “design”. Allgäu eco-house pioneer Baufritz wants to bring about a change of image: “There is nothing lighter, more efficient, more renewable and with a higher static load-bearing capacity than wood”, says CEO Dagmar Fritz- Kramer. “Up to now, humans have not managed to invent a material that grows back, stores CO2 as it grows and thus protects the climate. But the designs must be adapted for the future.

Future living: sustainable architecture

Alfredo Häberli has now come up with a design with revamped aesthetics, a feasible vision. The Swiss designer was inspired by shipbuilding, where wood has always been the material of choice. His building “Haussicht” has been conceived from the inside out, blurring the functional differences between furnishings, walls, floors and ceilings. Even the layout logic has been turned upside down: The bedrooms are on the ground floor, where specially developed walls prevent electrosmog, while the living rooms are found on the top floor.

The complexity of sustainable architecture

You have the feeling of being on a steamboat, large windows let in an abundance of light (which can be regulated by aluminium sliding panels), the wrap-around deck offers breathtaking views. “There many many things I had to take into consideration; accessibility for people with disability, for example, and the changeability of spaces”, says the 52-year- old. “This building ensemble truly visualises the complexity of future living.”

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Text: Uta Abendroth (slightly adapted); Photos: © 2016 BAUFRITZ

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