Hallway design ideas for great and small spaces

What does your entrance hall say about you? It’s the first part of the home that visitors see, but it is often overlooked in terms of interior design. Here are a few entryway design ideas to make a strong first impression.

Hallway design ideas for great and small spaces

Put the fun in function

Unless you’re working with a particularly large hallway, minimalism tends to work well in this small yet important space. Entryway design ideas should include the basic pieces you need for storage; shoe and coat racks, shelving for bags and keys, and eye-catching rugs are a good start. When devising entrance hall ideas, consider pieces both for their aesthetic as well as their function. In a limited space like the hallway, there’s no room for extraneous furniture. A coat rack is one example of functional furnishing that can double as a work of art. Look for a sturdy stained mahogany tree or playful atomic coat hooks.

Use the magic of mirrors

Mirrors work wonders in setting the stage for your home. A mirror positioned at head height is ideal for last-minute reflection checks before venturing out the door. A mirror, or even a collage of them, also offers the additional benefit of making your hallway appear larger. Continue experimenting with scale by considering an enlarged landscape photograph or a vivid piece of graphic modern art.

Set up seating and storage

Make a strong statement with your hallway design ideas. Position a retro telephone table with seat, mid-century modern console table, or farmhouse cabinet in an of-the-moment colour like dusty rose against the wall. Unique pieces like these offer seating, storage, or both, creating a functional yet fashionable entry area. Lay out a small lacquered tray on top of the table, or a subtly placed rattan basket underneath. These can be used to hold keys or other small items you might need as you enter and exit the home.

Curate with care

Once you’ve positioned a console table or shelf, choose a few carefully selected items to add decorative flair. Hallway ideas could include simple sculptural elements. A cut-crystal vase with fresh flowers, metallic candlesticks, or a family portrait on the table sets the tone for your household; curate your entryway with pieces that hold meaning.

Supersize a small space

Some properties don’t offer a clearly marked hallway, in which case it may be necessary to fake one. If your front door opens directly into the living room, you can mark off a faux entryway with the partition of your choice. Consider hallway ideas like using a bookcase, storage unit, or cleverly placed sofa to create a narrow space. A bookshelf makes an ideal divider. You can position it with the shelves facing the door to provide storage for shoes and sundries, or with the shelves facing the living area for a sleeker barrier. Something as simple as a patterned rug can demarcate your space, while adding a pop of colour at the same time.

For more entrance hall ideas, take a look at our ways to maximise your reception hall. Whether you prefer a minimalist or opulent style, give your hallway the same attention to detail as you would any other reception room.

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