Hiking in the natural idyll: buying a finca on Mallorca

The Balearic Island of Mallorca is the place to buy a villa or finca with varied natural areas. Here you will find almost every geographic landscape of the Mediterranean – from the shores with sandy beaches or rocky cliffs to wide, lush green grassland to majestic mountain ranges with quiet valleys and clear streams. Each of these landscapes has its own flora and fauna, which invites you to discover new properties around Mallorca every day.

With over 40 nature reserves, more than 1,500 native plant species and five nature reserves, you will experience an original and idyllic environment that Mallorca owes its popularity with hikers too. Not far from your new finca, you can enjoy the many different hiking routes in front of a variety of scenery. If you decide to buy a property close to the beach, you can admire the unique ensemble of mountain landscape and coast on the rather easy route from Sóller to Deiá. More demanding routes for experienced hikers are given to owners of a finca in Mallorca’s inland. The walk from Andratx to the Puig de Garaffa is difficult, but is rewarded with a sensational view.

Natural stone finca with sea view (Mallorca)

High quality finca made of natural stone in the best location, Mallorca

Outside your finca you will Mallorca’s natural diversity

In terms of flora and fauna, you will also find some interesting stuff in your hikes around Mallorca. Especially the diversity of the birds is amazing: In the southwest of the island, for example, you occasionally find groups of pink flamingos. The rare Balearic storm dive, is part of the endemic species, which is unique in Mallorca and is currently regarded as an endangered species.

The typical Mallorcan orange and lemon trees, whose fruits shine brightly in the light of the sun, enrich many of your hikes and create a Mediterranean flair.

For nature lovers, Mallorca is a dream come true. Depending on the region you are interested in, you will be asked to pay a different price with the purchase of a finca or villa: while in the south-west you can expect average prices between 1,3 and 4 million euros for your new property, the prices in the north eastern parts of Mallorca are averaging at about 1.7 million euros. Whatever you decide, your real estate broker Engel & Völkers will be happy to advise you.