Holiday properties on Germany’s North Sea and Baltic Sea coast

Where do you like to spend your weekends or well-deserved holiday break when you don’t want to travel too far? Probably on the North Sea or Baltic Sea coast, the most popular holiday property regions in Germany besides the Alps.

Holiday properties on Germany’s Coasts

There are many good reasons to have a second home in one of Germany’s top holiday destinations. Most clients want to use their holiday property for themselves, which is why proximity to their usual place of residence is an important criterion. Value conservation can be achieved by choosing a popular location that is well connected to the holiday resort. This also makes it easy to rent out the property during the holiday season. In this way, the holiday home can turn into an additional source of income. According to the Engel & Völkers Holiday Property Market Report 2017, financial considerations are playing an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions, second only to emotional motivations.

These purchasing criteria ensure that demand is very high in certain regions. Few holiday homes and apartments are still available in these regions, and there is not much building potential due to natural limitations such as lack of building space. The limited availability of properties on the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts is continuously driving up prices for premium properties, making the acquisition of holiday property a safe investment, especially at present. Below, you will find information on the most beautiful coastal regions in Germany, as well as the best locations for your new holiday home.


The fascinating nature of the North Frisian island has made it one of Germany’s most popular holiday destinations. Sylt is a sought-after holiday resort, both for weekend trips and for longer stays, making it an ideal location for letting your property. The closer the property is to the sea, the higher the purchasing price, but the higher also the rent that can be charged.

Amrum and Föhr

The two North Frisian islands are among the German destinations with the longest visitor stay duration. On Amrum, the average length of stay of visitors coming to enjoy the mild maritime climate is nine days. On the sister island Föhr with its mile-long beaches, the average length of stay is 8.8 days. Regardless of whether you are seeking a property that is suitable for short-term letting or an appealing retreat for yourself, it is recommendable to search for properties that are well appointed and close to the sea, as these will attain the highest selling prices as well as the highest rental prices.

St. Peter-Ording

St. Peter-Ording, which is located on the Frisian mainland not far from the city of Hamburg, has a wide sandy beach and is thus close to the fascinating spectacle of the ebb and flow of the tides. The pristine nature attracts visitors from all over, including windsurfers and beach sailers. A North Sea property in this region would also offer you the opportunity to engage in water sports or go on long walks on the beach. 

East Frisian islands

Langeoog, Juist and Norderney with their long sandy beaches and healthy climate are a mecca for tourists. Borkum, the largest of the East Frisian islands, is located directly in the Lower Saxony Tidelands National Park. Here, the average length of stay is 7.6 days. Due to the island location, building potential is of course limited, and the island communities also have strict usage regulations, which is why there is only a short supply of holiday homes and apartments.

Fehmarn and the Bay of Lübeck

This region is distinguished by its proximity to Hamburg, high investments in infrastructure, long sandy beaches and picturesque holiday resorts. The number of overnight stays at Timmendorfer Strand, in Travemünde, Grömitz and Fehmarn have all increased steadily. The demand for Baltic Sea properties remains consistently high.

Have we sparked your interest? Would you like to own a second home in one of these locations? The experts at Engel & Völkers will gladly help you find your perfect holiday home.

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