Home decorating tips for rooms with slanted ceilings

A room under the roof is something that will appeal not only to children. It embodies the feeling of cosiness like no other. Nowhere else but under the roof can you harken the pleasant patter of the rain in all its charm. But a room under the roof also has its challenges. We have compiled a few tips for you on how to make the most of your sloped ceiling room.

Home decorating tips for rooms with slanted ceilings

Sleep, bathe, work – what can I do with my attic?

Whether you are moving to a new apartment or want to convert your attic, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what you intend to do with it. Due to the often limited space and the challenges that a roof slope poses, this area is normally not suitable for use as a living room or kitchen.

But it is an ideal space for rooms associated with privacy, quietude and retreat. A room under the roof is perfect for working, bathing and especially for sleeping. If there are children in the household, this question does not arise anyway.

Furniture – a challenge for creative minds

Furnishing a sloped ceiling room requires more creativity than furnishing a room of normal dimensions. The easiest solution would be to place a bathtub or bed underneath the slope. This is because anyone lying in a bathtub or bed does not need much space above his head.

If you want to do something different, you need to be creative. The golden rule for putting furniture underneath a roof slope: less is more. Instead of a bulky closet, use a slim sideboard, for example. And forget about “one size fits all” when decorating your sloped ceiling room. Rather use graduated shelving or bookcases with boxes in different sizes.

While this is also recommendable for normal rooms, it will often save the day when it comes to sloped ceiling rooms: custom-built furniture. Let the experts do the job – they have plenty of experience in taming even the most stubborn of sloped ceiling rooms. Not only is made-to-measure shelving or a custom-fit sideboard a practical solution, it also looks better than off-the-shelf alternatives.

Light and colours

The topic of light and colours is highly relevant when it comes to furnishing a sloped ceiling room. As the many nooks and angles below a sloped roof absorb much of the incoming light, much can be achieved through the intelligent use of lighting, windows and colour accents. 

Even if you generally prefer muted colours: under the roof, it is recommendable to use white. It makes the room look bigger and brighter. Simply choose a more subdued, warmer shade of white. But if even this is too much for you, use bright and fresh colours like a sunny yellow instead.

The most elegant solution for brightening up the room would of course be to do something with the windows. If your house permits, you could enlarge the existing windows or build new ones. Big windows radically change the character of an attic, and under ideal circumstances will also open up beautiful views.

What needs to be done to transform your attic into the room of your dreams?

Contact your preferred furniture manufacturer, and together design the perfect items for your sloped ceiling room. Think about whether it is possible to add more windows or enlarge the existing ones. Choose your favourite shade of white.

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