Why you should install a plunge pool in your yard

A small house design should never dictate the limits of your property, especially when it comes to installing a swimming pool. This is where the compact size of the plunge pool can come to your aid, by fitting seamlessly into even the smallest of back yards. Here is our guide to plunge pools, and why you should consider installing one in your garden.

Why you should install a plunge pool

Space-saving design

In urban hotspots outdoor areas are always at a premium. If you’re working with limited space outdoors, you could employ a landscape gardener or architect to envisage ways to fit a plunge pool into your garden. Styles come in unique shapes and sizes that are designed with urban planning in mind.

Temperature control

The compact nature of the plunge pool also comes with other advantages. You can easily control the water temperature to heat or cool it rapidly using a pump system, although there are benefits of leaving the water at a low temperature. In contrast to regular swimming pools, plunge pools are usually stay at an icy 10 to 12 degrees Celsius, which makes them a smart choice for holiday homes in warmer climates as a place of respite from the sweltering sun.

Their size and temperature also make them easier to maintain than full-size pools. Natural swimming pools, which are cleaned and managed by plant-based filters, have similar benefits.

Health benefits

You may get a shock when you jump into the colder waters of your plunge pool, but the low temperature does bring health benefits with it. When you’re in the water, you can expect to fell relief from joint pain, while long-lasting results include clearer skin and lower blood pressure.

For a full relaxing spa treatment, try using your plunge pool alongside a jacuzzi or hot tub. The contrast in the temperatures will do wonders for both your muscles and joints alike.

Added features

Part of the beauty of a plunge pool is its simplicity, which is frequently emphasised by designers through the use of raw, industrial materials like dulled concrete. However, there are some gadgets that you can add on, too.

Resistance jets allow you to swim against the current in the water, while whirlpool jets provide a relaxing stream bubbles much like in a jacuzzi. You can even turn your plunge pool into a water feature with an elaborate waterfall system.

These pools provide an ideal optimisation method for limited space outdoors. If you’re trying to make good use of a small house design and cosy indoor areas too, here are some smart interior decoration ideas to make rooms look and feel bigger.

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