Interior design elements that bring order to your home: Wall racks and wall boards

In order to feel at home in your own four walls it is necessary to tidy up your space regularly. Apart from the functional advantages of a tidy home it is also important to consider the aesthetic aspects.

Wall racks and wall boards

Today we will focus on classic interior design elements that unclutter your living space – namely wall racks and wall boards – and show you how these can be used to boost both functionality and aesthetics.

The bookworm

Let us start with the most important wall rack in your household: the bookshelf. It is the most visible of the wall units and significantly shapes the atmosphere of the living area. As in other areas, the trend is moving away from “one size fits all” and more towards individual, flexible solutions. This makes a modular approach ideal. Different shelf space sizes loosen up the arrangement while at the same time bringing order to your book collection.

If you prefer something a little more unconventional, use a bookshelf that breaks away from the classic horizontal design. After all, this is about aesthetics – so why stick to conventions instead of arranging your books on a slight slant? More tips on how to make the best use of built-in shelving can be found in another article.

Playful elements

Wall boards do not always need to have the classic elongated rectangular shape. The current trend is moving towards smaller boards with a playful touch that can even be somewhat rounded down. Of course, these decorative mini-boards are not particularly suitable for your Encyclopedia Britannica collection. But if mounted directly next to the front door, they provide a perfect storage surface for your keys, favourite gloves or other items of everyday use. Both decorative and functional!

If you want an even more unconventional wall rack design, you could also use a completely round shelf that is mounted to the wall on a pretty string. This option looks more like a fashionable display case and is ideal for displaying decorative elements or for storing articles of daily use. The bedroom would be a perfect place for it.

Vanity elements

Another way of fusing the pleasant with the practical: combine a wall rack with a mirror. Often it is practical having a mirror in the entrance area or bedroom for that last glance before leaving home, and if this can be combined with a few small decorative elements or items of daily use, all the better!

But of course you could also set aside Scandinavian understatement for once and let your vanity run free without a mirror by using a grandiose wall rack instead – for example a gold coloured unit made from coated steel that replaces the classic bedside table and is both practical and eye-catching.

We hope that our design tips have whet your appetite for looking at everyday items like wall racks from a whole new perspective. Experiment a little and see for yourself what really suits you. The modular approach in particular opens up many new possibilities.

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