Interior design trends: how to style your townhouse

In London, Paris and across the pond in bustling New York, few properties remain as iconic as the traditional townhouse. Our cities and large towns swarm with these urban homes, known for their multiple floors, central locations and characterful features that developers seek out.

Whether you’re looking to buy a townhouse for yourself or revamp an existing structure, here are some of our top tips for making the most out of this unique property type.

Interior design trends: how to style your townhouseThe origin of the townhouse

It’s believed that the townhouse style first emerged in the UK in the 18th century, used by wealthy property owners when they returned from the country for the ‘social season’ in the cities. These earliest examples typically exhibit a Georgian style and are made from stone in tall and narrow structures that are bordered by or joined to their neighbours on either side. The space, height and light enjoyed by townhomes has made them extremely desirable properties, and has equally sparked a few trends.

Art-influenced living spaces

Large walls and high ceilings lend themselves well to statement sculptures and expansive paintings. Eclectic furniture and unusual details, such as wall cut-outs, abstract vases and mounted ornaments, are also becoming increasingly popular as ways to put the features of these houses to good aesthetic use.

Minimalist townhouses

Stripped-back simplicity has also become an interior trend for this type of property, resulting in airy and uncluttered havens to relax in. Think plenty of white and ivory tones, in-built storage solutions and functional kitchenware alongside large open spaces.

Decorating your home – living room ideas

As your main entertainment area, your living or reception room provides an ideal space for you to experiment with statement art pieces. One bold glass vase set against white walls is enough to add instant interest and texture. Consider installing statement light fixtures: a multi-tiered chandelier or industrial copper hanging light could utilise the additional vertical space provided by high ceilings.

Decorating your townhouse bedrooms

For bedroom designs, height can once again be put to good use. Opt for large four-poster beds and sweeping ceiling-to-floor curtains to create a sense of grandeur in the space. If you prefer to embrace the minimalist trend, tuck away any unwanted clutter in wooden chests of drawers and wardrobes finished in a white distressed paint.

Ideas for bathrooms

Here design trends are moving away from the classic powder room aesthetic, with its vintage wallpapers and dark colours, and towards a cleaner and fresher spa feel. To achieve this effect, choose light-coloured, all-over tiles, and simple marble or silver furnishings. Similarly, townhouse kitchens are looking more simple and functional. Chrome accents for the appliances and storage spaces help to create an alternative texture in the room to draw the eye.

Townhouses and condos

Townhouses can have the upper hand on condos with their light and spacious rooms and increased privacy. You may find that you share communal areas if you opt for a condo, or that the overall building is owned by someone else.  Owning a townhouse is an effective way to create your own quiet haven right in the middle of the city, and achieve the best of both worlds.

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