Why you should live on a wine estate

A leisurely evening stroll through a rolling vineyard, relaxing in an open outdoor eating area while gazing across the countryside, before taking a trip to your private wine cellar to choose tonight’s tipple. Even if you’re not a wine connoisseur there’s not much to dislike about that picture.

Owning and living on a wine estate can provide much in the way of relaxing and peaceful time to oneself, as well as a potentially lucrative business venture. Here are a few of the features you can expect to benefit from in purchasing your very own wine estate.

Why you should live on a wine estate

A panoramic view

The layout of traditional wine farms always come with spectacular countryside views. Think rolling hills of lush foliage and rows of vines extending from your doorstep or veranda. Your slow-growing crop matches the calm and indolent lifestyle found on these properties, while your very own farmland offers ample exercise opportunities: simply set off on foot or on your bike through the peaceful fields.

Equally, many wine properties are situated in the midst of glorious surrounding countryside. For example, at our wine estate in Chianti, the verdant Tuscan landscape can be seen from every side of the house. You can also benefit from the warm and sun-drenched climes found in the world’s wine regions since heat helps the grape to fully mature.

A stunning interior

Thanks to their countryside settings and their semi-working nature, wine farms always possess a certain rustic charm. However, this doesn’t mean that these properties lack modernity. Our converted wine property in south Steiermark, Austria, combines all the glory of a fine, historical winery with clean white facades and light oak floors and wall panels. Traditional features like original stonework and baroque stoves in the bedrooms are interspersed with contemporary comforts like high-powered showers and a modern kitchen.

An exquisite wine selection

Staying or living at a winery has another distinct benefit: you have the opportunity to become a seasoned connoisseur. With your own wine maturing in the cellar, you’re bound to get a taste for which vintages really excite you, and you’ll learn a lot about the processes of wine-making and bottling too. Our property on the coast of El Sauzal, for example, proudly hosts the cellars where “Don Gustavo” is bottled.

Your preferred wine may also affect the region you choose to live in, and you’ll certainly want to step out of your own home from time to time and indulge in the other local delicacies at your fingertips.

From rolling wine farms to homes containing their own cellars to house your collection, there are plenty of properties for connoisseurs to choose from. It’s time to embrace the slower pace of life in the sunny wine region of your choice.

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