Mediterranean living: Find your home on the lake

Enjoy breakfast to views of the surrounding lakelands and take a dip in the cool water on hot sunny days – having a home on the lake is the dream of every property enthusiast.

In our brochure “Your Private Piece of Summer” we have put together an suitable selection of attractive properties from the Mediterranean region to help you with your personal property search. You will be delighted by the wide variety of available properties, be it seaside homes, lakeside homes or island homes. Read the article to find out why living on a lake is really worthwhile.

Idyllic living on the water’s edge

The Gardone Riviera lakefront is characterised by beautiful parks, gardens and venerable mansions, coming together to create a most picturesque setting. The views of the Mediterranean vegetation and the deep blue waters of Lake Garda will delight anyone fortunate enough to be residing in this stunning mansion in the lakeside town of Gardone Riviera.

Mediterranean living: Find your home on the lake

The beautiful mansion with infinity pool and breathtaking lake views is surrounded by a 4,000 sqm garden and has a modern living area as well as a lovely panoramic terrace.

Mediterranean living: Find your home on the lake

Your home on the lake – a perfect retreat

Mediterranean living: Find your home on the lake

This luxury villa is situated in the scenic and exclusive region of Marone. Its perfect location allows for spectacular views of the Lago d’Iseo, Monte Isola and the surrounding mountains from each of the rooms.

The spacious outdoor area with garden, panoramic terraces and pool is a perfect setting for relaxing in utmost privacy. The living area accommodates a wine cellar, a gym as well as a leisure room with billiard, darts and bar.

Make your dream come true

Special properties are always distinguished by their exclusive location. If you are looking for a seaside property, lakeside property or island property, you are invited to read our brochure “Your Private Piece of Summer – Southern Europe 2017”, where you will find a wide variety of suitable properties.

If you want to buy a lakeside property or have any questions regarding our brochure, you are most welcome to contact one of our knowledgeable real estate agents, either by phone, at your local Engel & Völkers shop or via the contact form on our website.

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