Originality meets modernity: Charming real estate location Portixol

Being one of the suburban communities of Palma, Mallorca, the original Portixol, located directly on the coast, has been a small fishing port for centuries. The properties that you find in Portixol are still part of this period and still transmit the atmosphere of the typical Mediterranean maritime lifestyle – even though many of the properties have been modernized. Due to the resulting fusion of old and contemporary architecture, Portixol offers a very individual feeling with its apartments and beach houses that Engel & Völkers would like to showcase to you.

Amidst venerable facades in the small streets of Portixol, life has returned: Since the beginning of the district’s revaluation in the middle of the last century, some restaurants, for example the Cocco, have included clubs like the famous Nassau Beach Club, and also isolated shops in Portixol. With their unique flair, they are part of the open and colorful lifestyle that prevails in Portixol. The best way to experience it is on the promenade, the inofficial center of Portixol. Especially in the summer, life pulsates outside of your apartment here at its peak when the colorful mix of joggers, locals, sellers of souvenir stands and immigrants from all over the world live and thrive outdoors.

High quality house directly by the sea (Portixol)

Modern house in the fishing port, Palma de Mallorca, Portixol

Unique property style in Portixol

Quite often the apartments, condominiums and houses that you find on the real estate market in Portixol stem back to its time as a fishing port. These rustic character constructions, with their ornate, metallic balconies and terraced frames and the red-brown tiled roofs, are often located directly at the harbor and are among the most popular properties in Mallorca. Nearly all houses and apartments are now renovated and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Depending on your personal taste, Portixol is also home to newer properties – the mixture of old and new influences Portixol as well as its diverse society. When you buy, expect prices for condos that range between 1.5 and 1.8 million euros, for apartments 800,000 euros and more.

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