Outdoor swings: why every garden should have one

Having an outdoor area that both you and your entire family can love is essential to your ideal home. No matter your age, adding outdoor swings to your garden is a traditional way of providing both enjoyment and a little extra seating to your space, whether you’re working with a yard or a stretching piece of land.

Outdoor swings: why every garden should have one

Children’s swing sets

Both porch and freestanding designs make for perfect additions to your children’s outdoor play area. Freestanding swings with extra monkey bars and climbing frames attached immediately become adventure playgrounds and a healthy source of exercise for your kids. Bright colours of red, yellow and blue can help to further stimulate their senses and add a bold contrast to the rest of your garden, while natural-themed wooden sets blend in easier to more neutral outdoor décor themes.

On the other hand, porch outdoor swings offer a quieter alternative and are great seating options for cosy bedtime stories.

Grown-ups swings

Swings aren’t just for kids: there are plenty of modern designs that can be tailored to fit into both your garden’s design and size. Larger cushioned options can seat several people or can provide a spot for lazy afternoon naps or lounging with a novel under the warm sunshine. Outdoor swings with small console tables attached help keep your beverage and magazines close at hand, while light drapes and hangings shield you away from flies and insects, while adding an extra level of privacy.

DiY swings

There are so many ways you can make your own porch swing to add to your outdoor furniture set. Recycling or upcycling has taken off recently as both an interior and exterior design trend as people becoming ever more creative and conscientious about how they furnish their homes. Rustic DiY outdoor swings can be assembled using sturdy natural ropes and leftover wooden pallets. These can then be painted with cool white or ivory tones and decorated with soft woollen throws and pale scatter cushions.

You could also repurpose an old headboard as a backrest for your porch swing. A fresh coat of paint or a floral design adds a quaint southern charm while cushioned padding makes for comfortable storytimes with your little ones. If one of your children has outgrown a single or cot bed, these also can be reworked into outdoor swings. The wooden sides of a toddler cot can be fixed into place as back and arm rests, while fresh varnish and some homely textiles are all it takes to save these once-loved items from the skip.

When the mornings are bright and the evenings are long and warm, your garden needs to become an extension of your indoor space. Make the most of your outdoor furniture either by yourself, with a good book and a chilled drink, or with a group of friends if you’re looking to host a garden party.

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