Outdoor yard décor: taking your home outside

Making the most of summer in your home is all about striking a balance between the cool indoors and the alluring brightness of your sun-drenched garden. Of course, one way of having the best of both worlds is banishing solid boundaries between these two spaces, and having fluid areas divided by glass sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling windows to make the most of the elements. However, rather than committing to a full home remodel, embrace one of the latest outdoor yard décor trends for bringing cosy home comforts outside and incorporating them into your garden. Here are a few inspiring ways to give your outdoor garden décor a touch of interior design.

Outdoor yard décor: taking your home outside


Turning your garden or terrace into an extension of your home means creating a sense of continuity in your outdoor patio décor. Traditional external furniture designs in wood or wicker make way for plush pieces in similar tones and fabrics to what can be found in your living room. If you’re about to throw out a worn armchair or sofa, recycle this cosy seat for your porch and turn it into a reading nook for those long, warm evenings. Converting indoor furnishings for the outdoors requires a little preparation work to help them withstand the elements. Add rubber feet to metal or wood furniture legs to prevent rot and give surfaces a layer of protective paint or lacquer. Cushioned relaxation and entertainment areas are ideally situated under awnings or pagodas to protect them from sudden downpours. If your yard is exposed, consider installing wooden sofa bases that can be adorned with removable cushions and fabrics.


Adding a homely touch to your outdoor yard décor is all about embracing warm fabrics and colourful patterned textiles. Drape a Moroccan rug over decking or patio areas to blur the boundary between your indoor and outdoor spaces, then scatter large cushions in contrasting hues and fabrics that you and your guests can lounge on. To add even more fabric to your patio, extend your drapes so that they run around the edge of your covered terrace or awning. This can help provide some cool shade on those hotter days while also offering you some optional privacy.


When the sun sets, your choice of lighting sets the mood for your outdoor yard décor. Traditional outdoor lighting options include torch and spotlight designs as well as twinkling fairy lights that create a warm atmosphere around your dining arrangement. However, if you have an outhouse or pagoda, your outdoor garden décor could make use of grand designs like chandeliers or pendant lights, or wall cornices if your ceilings aren’t quite high enough. Candles and candelabras are still popular choices and you can easily amplify the light they produce by placing them on mirrors or mirrored trays down the centre of your dining table. Embracing the indoor-outdoor trend, whether through the use of fabrics or elegant lighting designs, is an easy way of making the most of your outdoor patio décor during the warmer months. When your garden is an extension of your home, you and your family can enjoy your surrounding natural landscape without feeling disconnected from indoor comforts.

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