Paradisiacal water bungalows

Crystal clear, still water. Exotic fish, colourful corals and snow white beaches. And all within easy reach – literally. No, this is not a dream or exaggerated TV commercial, but something that has become possible nowadays for the discerning holiday-maker or property buyer. A property trend that makes your dreams come true: water bungalows.

Paradisiacal water bungalows

These dream residences, also known as overwater bungalows, are becoming increasingly popular, especially as second homes or holiday homes. This is not particularly surprising: The water bungalows are built on stilts directly above the turquoise water of the sea. This means you can drift off to sleep to the sound of the gently lapping waves beneath and dive into the water within seconds in the mornings, if you so wish.

In our opinion: This is about as good as it gets. Especially because it is often possible to swim to the shore in an infinity pool, snorkel, enjoy the underwater world and go on long walks on the snow white beach. Not to mention the spectacular sea views.

Exclusivity and privacy

One special advantage of tropical holiday bungalows is the fact that they are usually located in exclusive and remote destinations far from the madding crowd. Here you will not find any huge tourist blocks, only a few bungalows as a rule, nicely spaced across the water.

This makes it possible to relax from the stress of everyday life in a way that is not possible otherwise, not even in highly sophisticated premium hotels. It is only here that you will find utmost luxury in immediate proximity to nature.

Exotic paradises: Top water bungalow locations

As mentioned previously, holiday bungalows are normally found in prime holiday destinations, often on private islands. Be it in Polynesia, the Maldives, Fiji or Mauritius – there is hardly any exclusive holiday resort nowadays that can do without them. While most water bungalows are found in tropical destinations, some do exist in places like Ruegen or even Switzerland.

But our destination of choice when it comes to water bungalows as secondary residence or holiday home: Thailand. Not only can you combine a peaceful time-out in a holiday home on the water with a shopping trip to Bangkok – it is also the destination with some of the best water bungalows in the world, for example on the River Kwai. The beautiful landscape along the river and the adjoining rainforest with its waterfalls are an ideal setting for a first experience in a holiday bungalow on the water.

Do you enjoy spending your holiday on the water? Are you looking to buy an exquisite second home on or close to the water that will allow you to escape from the stress of everyday life and still stay in a setting you yourself created? And is Thailand the destination of your dreams? In this case, Engel & Völkers Thailand can help you make your dreams come true.

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