Paseo Maritimo – property on the promenade of all promenades

It is probably the most beautiful of all the promenades in the Balearic Islands – after all, “Paseo Maritimo” means nothing more than “shore promenade”. The promenade at the port of Palma is s approximately 4 km long and many of the most harmonious places of Palma are located along the way. Quite a few people would love a property right here, embedded perfectly in the spirited life of the inner city and the endless expanse of the ocean. As utopian as it may sound for some, the conditions that make the purchase of such a property necessary are untroubled.

On the “Balcony over the Mediterranean”, as Palma’s Paseo Maritimo is sometimes referred to, the different influences of the Balearic Island impressively melt into one. The religious past of Mallorca is immortalized in one of the most famous monuments of the island, located at the Paseo Maritimo: the Cathedral of St. Mary. Palm trees and sandstone-colored properties determine the image. Just a few hundred meters away, the yacht harbor with its luxury ships and sports boats creates an impressive contrast, which can be marveled at during a leisurely stroll along the docks, or while grabbing a bite or a drink at one of the many restaurants along the promenade. In the surrounding area you can find the best hotels on the island, but it’s also the nightlife that lures you in with a number of fine bars.

Property with beautiful garden and a sea view (Paseo Maritimo)

High quality property in an exceptional location, Paseo Maritimo, Mallorca

Real estate purchase at the Paseo Maritimo: the conditions are impressive

The south-west of Palma is known for its wide range of high-quality properties among brokers. An apartment at Paseo Maritimo, one of the top hot spots of the island, could be purchased in 2016 for an average of 650,000 € to 700,000 €. Larger and more luxurious properties are offered in different price categories – the upper limit is flexible.

Immerse yourself in the fantastic mixture of culture, luxury, lifestyle and Mediterranean flair – with Engel & Völkers at the Paseo Maritimo.