The perfect interior for your period apartment

Grand double doors. High ceilings. Stucco decorations and herringbone parquet. Stately staircases. All with a nostalgic touch of patina. Period apartments make our hearts beat faster. But at the latest when we move into the property of our dreams, we need to ask ourselves: How exactly will we furnish this apartment? The special charm of period apartments can be accentuated in many different ways, depending on personal preferences.


Do you want to bring out its historic character with classic furnishings from the Biedermeier period or Chesterfield armchairs? Or would it be best to provide a modern contrast instead? Maybe you would like to combine contemporary furniture with antique heirlooms that are full of memories? Well, that is up to you.


In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best home ideas that will bring out the best in your period apartment.


Hanging lamps

If you have four metre high ceilings, there is no need to draw on discreet lighting designs. Small lamps often look forlorn in generously sized spaces. Make use of the space above you, and make a statement using striking, voluminous lamps. Traditionalists and friends of modern design can both have their say, as period apartments will gladly absorb anything from classic chandeliers to a series of playfully arranged hanging lamps.


Wall decorations

Your decision to move into a period apartment has also opened the doors to a multitude of wall decoration options. Bold colours or expressive paintings would probably be overwhelming in any small apartment, but they will make your period apartment come into its own. Are you having difficulties deciding what artworks to use? As an alternative to big eye-catchers, you could also use several smaller paintings.


Ceiling-high bookshelves

Bookshelves create a cosy atmosphere, especially if they reach all the way to the ceiling. Enjoy the luxury of knowing that getting a new book does not mean getting rid of an old one. This in combination with a crackling fire in the open fireplace will ensure a homely ambience.


Unrendered walls

A nostalgic delight: Unrendered walls are absolutely in trend. Especially in period properties, the raw aesthetics of unrendered walls provide a welcome contrast to the more playful design elements. If you prefer to not leave all the walls unplastered, keep the wall bare in one place – this will appear like a painting and remind of the history of the building.



Purists, take note: Period properties are also suitable for implementing minimalist design ideas. Let the beauty of your apartment speak for itself, and only use a select few pieces of furniture.


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