The power of real estate careers with Engel & Völkers

Working with beautiful homes, travelling the world and helping people’s dreams come true – it’s easy to see the attraction of real estate careers. But how do you choose a company? Here’s a quintet of reasons why Engel & Völkers is the right place to build a career.

The power of real estate careers with Engel & Völkers

An established reputation

It was back in 1977 that Engel & Völkers was founded. Now, some 40 years later, it’s one of the biggest names in luxury real estate. The strong brand image and positive reputation show potential clients that Engel & Völkers is reliable. In an industry that’s so reliant on social interaction, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of trust and its value to jobs in real estate.

Unparalleled exclusivity

The Engel & Völkers name has also become synonymous with exclusivity. This is because the company only deals in luxurious property, and chooses its locations wisely. In addition to plush city condos, beach villas and country estates, Engel & Völkers also works with aircraft and yachts, further enhancing the upmarket image of the brand.

An international lifestyle

The world of real estate careers is as much about location as it is about property. That’s why Engel & Völkers offices are dotted around the globe in the most prestigious settings, from Santa Monica to Milan. Your real estate agent career with Engel & Völkers will see you travelling across the world, visiting the most sought-after spots and gaining access to those countries’ finest properties.

It helps that the company deals in luxury yachts and aircraft, meaning you’ll often have the chance to travel in style. With more than 700 locations around the globe, the possibilities are limitless.

Industry-leading sales tools

Successful real estate careers are ultimately built on sales. Having the name of an industry leader behind you is a great helping hand, but it’s the tools that will help to push you over the finish line. Engel & Völkers provides industry-leading sales software and marketing strategies to market your properties effectively. With Engel & Völkers, your properties will reach more people, improving your chances of achieving your asking price.

Exceptional training

Knowledge is the foundation of successful real estate careers. Intimate knowledge of both local and international markets is essential to getting results. Much of this you’ll learn with time and experience, but it all begins with thorough training.

Engel & Völkers has a dedicated academy that runs with the sole intention of providing exceptional training to its sales teams. During your time in the academy you’ll learn vital information about markets, sales tactics and how to use the industry-leading sales tools when you begin your real estate agent career.

Since opening in 1977, Engel & Völkers has helped innumerable real estate agents realise their dreams, and those of their customers. Visit the company’s testimonial page to read success stories of several current and former members of the Engel & Völkers family. When you’re ready, begin your journey with Engel & Völkers by applying for jobs in real estate via the careers website.

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