Prepare your garden for the start of spring

Is there anything better than realising, after a long and grey winter, that: Spring has finally arrived! The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising, indicating the start of spring. After several months of hibernation, your garden is awakening to new life, and most hobby gardeners can hardly wait getting started. The start of spring is the perfect time to prepare your garden systematically for the coming year.

Prepare your garden for the start of spring

Good planning is half the battle

Ideally, you will have used the cold season to implement our winter tips for planning your garden. But even the cool and damp evenings at the start of spring are still suitable for carrying out an inventory, planning new acquisitions, and developing a vision for the coming year. 

Photos from the past year will help you identify any gaps left behind by withered plants and come up with suitable solutions. Catalogues and plant encyclopedias can also serve as a source of inspiration. When choosing new plants, you should always consider the light and soil conditions on your property. If unsure, you could also consult a professional landscape gardener.

Maintenance, maintenence, maintenance

Now it is time to roll up your sleeves and start with the first imminent garden tasks. Step one: removing any winter damage. This would include clearing away stems of withered flowers or leaves on the lawn, and checking whether the garden tools are still in working condition. Take as much time as you need – your garden will thank you for the rest of the year, and, moreover, this will also facilitate subsequent tasks. A functioning lawnmower will make it much easier and more fun to cut the grass.

Your trees will also need some looking after. Fruit trees, in particular, should be pruned at the beginning of the year, as this ensures that they bear plenty of fruit in the coming season. If done during the rest period, the tree will be able to recover in time for the blooming season. As a rule, it is better to cut away a bit too much than too little. The tree will benefit from extra air and sunlight, and this will also make its fruit tastier.

Start sowing

After these preparatory measures, it is time to start sowing. Here, too, the same applies: the earlier, the better. As soon as there is no more frost, seedlings will thrive out in the open if suitable sowing soil is used. This gives them enough time to sprout healthy shoots and develop breathtaking blossoms or tasty vegetables. One exception: tomatoes. Just like bell peppers, these seedlings should be cultivated on a windowsill. Sowing should be done from mid-March onwards, otherwise this could lead to weakened shoots.

Your effort is rewarded

If you plan your garden carefully, maintain it properly and sow at the right time, you will find much pleasure in your garden. Impulse buys are often not resistant enough, unchecked weeds will grow rampant, and plants that were planted at the wrong time will not yield the desired harvest. The more time you invest at the beginning of the year, the less effort it will be to maintain the garden for the rest of the year. And the more time you will have to enjoy the garden from your hammock in summer.

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