Private and panoramic: owning your own peninsula

While the seclusion gained in having your own private island may seem ideal, the reality of island living has its own logistical issues. For all the privacy without the problems, many buyers are opting instead for life on a peninsula.

Private and panoramic: owning your own peninsula

Surrounded by gentle lapping waves and yet still connected to the mainland, a home on a peninsula brings together the best of both worlds. For example, the Castillo Mallorca villa in Andratx looks out over the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean from its promontory position on its own headland. The peninsula is entirely private and has been transformed into decorate gardens, and even has its own landing points. With a gated drive leading to the mainland, this peninsula property is still connected to the world without sacrificing on the benefits of island living.

Guaranteed tranquility

Whether you’re looking for a primary residence or a relaxing holiday home, tranquility is a necessary and valuable thing. A peninsula house offers you a space without onlooking properties or neighbours, so you can benefit from the peace and quiet of seclusion without isolation.

Unparalleled exclusivity

By their very nature, peninsula properties are far from being ordinary. The featured Andratx house is one of only a handful of similar properties in all of the Balearics. If you need further persuasion of the property’s exclusivity, you only need look to the ‘Lady Diana Suite’ – a room previously reserved for the late Princess Diana whenever she vacationed there.

Boundless creativity

The privacy that comes with living on your own peninsula lets you to get a little creative with both your interior and exterior design. Take the bathrooms of the Andratx estate, for example. Large panes of un-obscured glass allow you to lie back and take in the views as you bathe. Many of the living areas in the house also open onto the vista in a similar fashion.

Private and panoramic: owning your own peninsula

Truly panoramic views

Oceanic views are a staple of coastal luxury living, but this peninsula house takes it one step further. From its position on the head of the peninsula, this property looks out over the water in at least three different directions. This makes for unimpeded outlooks from just about every room in the house, as well as from the different staggered terraces and the various corners of the landscaped garden.

Sumptuous swimming

Close proximity to the ocean offers more than just stunning views. A coastal location is often sought-after by keen swimmers, who sometimes prefer the natural salt of the ocean over the comfort of their own pool. With a peninsula property like this one, you have a selection of private swimming spots surrounding your home.

This stunning Andratx estate may be one-of-a-kind, but it’s exactly the type of luxury living on offer throughout the Engel & Völkers portfolio. Visit the Engel & Völkers property search to browse more coastal and peninsula properties like this one.

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