Is real estate agent a suitable profession for me?

Before deciding on a profession or field of activity, there are certain questions that need to be asked. What does the daily work routine look like? What qualifications are required? Does the work suit me and can I identify with my work? What options exist for further training and, last not least, where can I apply for a job if I want to be a real estate agent? These and other questions are answered in the multi-part career series by Engel & Völkers. This will provide you with all the necessary information and make it easier for you to kickstart your career as real estate agent.

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Choosing a profession

Apart from the actual sales activity, a real estate agent mainly acts in the capacity of a consultant until the sale is concluded. Consulting work may seem long-winded at times, but if you stay on the ball, success will follow! A prerequisite for successful selling and enthusing potential clients is to be sociable and sincere. Real estate agents are well advised to establish and maintain a network of contacts. Due to the relatively high concentration of real estate agents in the market, good networking is vital to building up a lasting reputation in the sector. 

Professional expertise and soft skills

Apart from acquired real estate knowledge and an awareness of current market activities, it also makes sense to have an understanding of all topics relating to architecture. If a potential client makes a remark about the style of the building next door, you should be able to react appropriately and use your knowledge to your benefit. Another topic that comes up time and again is legal issues. So be prepared when potential clients have questions in this regard, especially when it comes to building law and financing law. 

To become a successful real estate agent you need ambition

Apart from a distinct aptitude for selling and an unobtrusive yet persuasive manner, you should also have a certain amount of ambition and passion if you want to be a successful real estate agent. Your salary is to a large degree performance-related, which is why being highly motivated is to your advantage. 

A friendly, competent and professional manner will go a long way towards achieving success as an aspiring consultant in real estate matters. Did we spark your interest and have you decided that this choice of career is for you? Then please submit your application at our Engel & Völkers career site.

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