A relaxed Valentine’s Day in your own four walls

It is one of the most romantic days of the year. But at the same time, many people are tired of always following the same script prescribed by the sweets manufacturers and flower sellers. For this reason, we have cooked up a few ideas of our own on how to turn this day of love into a romantic highlight of the year.

A relaxed Valentine’s Day in your own four walls

Breakfast in bed

Without a doubt, the best way to start the day of romance is by having breakfast in bed with your loved one. Although Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, this might be the perfect opportunity to take a day off work in the middle of the week for a change. If you do not feel like squeezing out those oranges yourself, you could also opt for a delivery service instead. From classic scrambled eggs to freshly brewed coffee: A relaxed start to the day will make you more receptive for the magic of Valentine’s Day and prevent you from slipping into normal everyday routine.

New decorations

The Christmas decoration has long since disappeared into one of your drawers. But maybe it’s time to bring in something new into your home. Spend the day decorating, crafting and beautifying your home together with your partner or family. And it doesn’t only have to be heart-shaped garlands. There are plenty of home decorating ideas on the internet. The joint planning and crafting is an event in itself, which you will remember fondly in years to come.

Memories & plans

Your love can be brushed up by remembering past shared experiences or making plans for future undertakings. Relax on the couch and look at the pictures from your last holiday or your wedding. If you have kept a diary, read to your partner from the diary and share anecdotes. Maybe these memories with bring inspiration for new adventures. Go on a dream journey with your loved one or plan your next summer holiday.

Candlelight dinner

A dinner for two is another Valentine’s Day classic. Instead of going to a restaurant and being surrounded by hordes of lovestruck couples, how about creating a perfect atmosphere in your own four walls for a change? A white tablecloth, candles and atmospheric background music go a long way towards providing the right setting. And wearing a suit or an evening gown to dinner will make the event even more exclusive. To round off the evening, you could share a sweet dessert or dance a slow waltz through your living room.

Make your movie night special by choosing the movie together. It doesn’t need to be a classic, an action movie will also do. After all, it’s not so much about the movie, it’s the cuddling on the couch that matters. But of course, your time for two could also be spent entirely without media. Just talking with your loved one works wonders against everyday stress.

Searching for a suitable home

Anyone who likes spending Valentine’s Day in a cosy surrounding with their loved one will surely appreciate the comfort of a beautiful home. If you are still searching for a suitable dream property for the next Valentine’s Day, take a look at our property search. Engel & Völkers will be by your side every step of the way, providing you with all the necessary advice and support.

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